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2016Hydraulic Geometry and Fish Habitat in Semi-Alluvial Bedrock Controlled RiversFerguson, Sean
2016Educational Park Planning in Berkeley, California, 1965-1968Brillinger, Matthew
2016Étude des transformations des représentations des futurs enseignants issus de l’immigration, quant à leurs systèmes de valeurs en milieu scolaire franco-ontarienAlphonse, Jean Roger
2016Analysis and Modulation of PACT, DICER and MBNL1 in the Context of Myotonic Dystrophy Type IAzimi, Mehrdad
2016Language Mixing in Northern and Western Belize: A Comparative Variationist ApproachFuller Medina, Nicté
2016Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Liquid Storage Tanks Under Seismic ExcitationBahreini Toussi, Iman
2016Understanding Small-Scale Fisheries in Thailand: Ecological Change and Local Governance SystemsKehoe, Courtney
2016Cretaceous-Paleogene Low Temperature History of the Southwestern Province, Svalbard, Revealed by (U-Th)/He Thermochronometry: Implications for High Arctic TectonismBarnes, Christopher
2016Essays on Gifts of Blood, Money and TimeOwusu, Rebekah
2016Sedimentology, Stratigraphic Evolution and Provenance of the Cambrian – Lower Ordovician Potsdam Group in the Ottawa Embayment and Quebec BasinLowe, David
2016The Intonational Structure of Singapore EnglishChow, Daryl
2016Relationships Between Self-Regulated Learning, Deliberate Practice and the Consideration of Future Consequences for Developing Sport ExpertsBartulovic, Dora
2016Les revues et les journaux canadiens-français face aux droites radicales européennes, 1918-1945Théorêt, Hugues
2016Floating Narratives: Transnational Families and Digital StorytellingArango, Catalina
2016Hopping the Pond: The Normalization of North Atlantic Civil Aviation from its Origins to the Rise of the Jumbo Jet, 1919-1970Nicklin, Sean
2016Le Droit : à la découverte des enjeux idéologiques et identitaires des Canadiens français de l'Ontario durant l'entre-deux-guerres (1918-1939)Cadieux, Zoé
2016Handicap intellectuel et sexualité : une analyse phénoménologique interprétative du vécu des personnes identifiées comme ayant un handicap intellectuel et de leurs proches aidantsPariseau-Legault, Pierre
2016Corruption, Community, and the Urban Project: An Anthropology of Gentrification in Prospect Heights, BrooklynMiller, Sean
2016Poly(Pentafluorostyrene)-b-Poly(Methacrylic acid) Amphiphilic Block Copolymers via Nitroxide Mediated PolymerizationKannan, Nirmal Balaji
2016Statistical Analysis of Steady State Response in RF Circuits via Decoupled Generalized Polynomial ChaosNabavi, Seyed Ghavamoddin