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2014Journalism and Suicide Reporting Guidelines: Perspectives, Partnerships and ProcessesGandy, Julia; Lennox-Terrion, Jenepher
2014Techniques de soi et morale néolibérale : le cas du yogaMétivier, Andrée-Ann; Mirza, Vincent
2014Low-Noise 24 GHz 0.15μm GaAs pHEMT Gilbert Cell Mixer for Intelligent Transportation System Radar ReceiverBashar Z.J. Asad; Yagoub, Mustapha C. E.; Nakhla, Michel
2014Social Media as an Outlet for Community Response and Dialogue Following the 2011 Vancouver Stanley Cup RiotLindsay, Eathan; Steeves, Valerie
2014The Impact of Immigration on the Health and Wellbeing of Iranian Immigrant Women: Voices from Ottawa/GatineauKhatibsemnani, Nasim; Spitzer, Denise
2014La réalisation du droit au logement par les acteurs non-étatiques de l'humanitaire en contexte post-catastrophe: Le cas haïtienMathieu, Fedora; Robitaille, David; Lamarche, Lucie
2014Animated Video Projection on Objects
 – a Studio Art PracticeKatz, Sharon; Gilbert, Lorraine
2014Beauty and Cabinet Nomination: Is There a Gender Bias?Uzun, Mara; Stockemer, Daniel
2014Respecting Tradition: A Practical Exercise Using Theatrical Stage Lighting to Enhance a Work from Traditional Beijing OperaZhang, Jingwei; Coderre-Williams, Margaret; Staines, David
2014Studying the Dissociation Behaviour of Ionized Non-covalent Complexes with a Cohesive Energetic and Structure ApproachBeneteau Renaud, Justin; Mayer, Paul Micheal
2014Antonin Artaud : trad-auctor. L'acte traductif à la lumière du « théâtre de la cruauté »Avci, Alice; Basalamah, Salah
2014Raman Signal Enhancement and CARS MicroscopyNaji, Majid; Anis, Hanan
2014Dual-frequency Optoelectronic Oscillator and its Application in Transverse Load SensingKong, Fanqi; Yao, Jianping
2014Development and Application of the CanRisk Injury Model and a Spatial Decision Support System (SDSS) to Evaluate Seismic Risk in the Context of Emergency Management in Canada: Case Study of Ottawa, CanadaPloeger, Sarah Katherine; Sawada, Michael; Saatcioglu, Murat
2014Lineage Tracing of Neuronal Progenitor Cells Expressing dlx1a/2a in the Zebrafish BrainFeng, Shengrui; Ekker, Marc
2014Optical Frequency Domain Reflectometry: Sensing Range Extension and Enhanced Temperature SensitivitySong, Jia; Bao, Xiaoyi
2014La argumentación en los ensayos de William OspinaPeralta-Sánchez, Andrés-Felipe; Moser, Walter
2014Smac Mimetic Compound Treatment Induces Tumour Regression and Skeletal Muscle WastingVineham, Jennifer; Korneluk, Robert
2014Paracrine Engineering of Human Cardiac Stem Cells with Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 Promotes Cell Survival to Enhance Myocardial RepairJackson, Robyn; Davis, Darryl
2014Allons au pays des merveilles : la construction des univers merveilleux dans les récits de voyage imaginaire pour la jeunesseDurocher, Maryse; Fournier, Michel