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2016Reliable Robot-Assisted Sensor Relocation via Multi-Objective OptimizationDesjardins, Benjamin
2016Parting Ways with Piano Lessons: Predictors, Invoked Reasons, and Motivation Related to Piano Student DropoutsKing, Karen
2016Similar but Different: How Foraging Bumblebees ('Bombus Impatiens') Treat Flowers and Pictures of FlowersThompson, Emma
2016Mathematiques en francais, Math in English: Discourse in an Elementary School French Immersion ClassroomEngelbrecht Learned, Carrie
2016Towards a Cloud-based Data Analysis and Visualization SystemLi, Zhongli
2016Lysis of 'Escherichia coli' for the Recovery of Pentamerised Single-Domain Antibody Used for the Gender Specific Separation of Bovine SpermO'Reilly, Jordan
2016Source Country Perspectives on the Migration of Health Professionals from Kenya: A Systems Thinking ApproachDogbey, Brenda Adhiambo
2016An Assessment of Women's Abortion Experiences in Istanbul, TurkeyMacFarlane, Katrina
2016Ethnic Conflict and Contemporary Social Mobilization: Exploring Motivation and Political Action in the Sri Lankan DiasporaEngland, Martha Elizabeth
2016The Blood of the Martyrs: The Attitudes of Pagan Emperors and Crowds Towards Christians, from Nero to JulianMiletti, Domenico
2016A Business Process Management Methodology for Care Process MonitoringMokahhal, Mohamed Anis
2016Stratigraphic Architecture, Depositional Processes and Reservoir Implications of the Basin Floor to Slope Transition, Neoproterozoic Windermere Turbidite System, CanadaNavarro Ugueto, Lilian Leomer
2016Parameters Affecting the Blast Performance of High Strength Fibre Reinforced Concrete BeamsAlgassem, Omar
2016A Study of Auditory Speech Processing Using Brainstem Evoked Responses Under the Effects of StressorsAl Osman, Rida
2016Factors Associated with Employment for Graduates of Canadian Health Sciences Undergraduate University ProgramsYammine, Elena
2016Le harcèlement au travail au sein de la GRC : une analyse des récents travaux d'enquête publics sur cette questionHarvey, Sandy
2016Molecular Phylogeny of Poa L. sensu lato (Poaceae) with a Focus on West Asian SpeciesAmiri, Neda
2016L’appui du Canada au processus de gouvernance démocratique au Mali (2006 – 2012) - Motivations ambiguës et résultats mitigésTouré, Fodé Saliou
2016Paternité et dynamique des rôles parentaux : une perspective des familles homoparentalesRendon Ocampo, Juan Camilo
2016Integration of the Cognitive-Behavioural Model and Theory of Planned Behaviour in the Understanding of the Process of Changing Thinking Patterns: Exploring Mechanisms of Change in a Depression Prevention WorkshopBradley, Kristina Louise