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2017Effects of Striker Compliance on Dynamic Response and Brain Tissue Strain for Helmeted Ice Hockey Impactsde Grau Amezcua, Santiago
2017Chinese Students’ Experience of Student-instructor Relationships at the University of OttawaChen, Danyan
2017Modelling Human Risk of West Nile Virus Using Surveillance and Environmental DataMallya, Shruti
2017“In the Eye of the Employer”: An Investigation into the Role of Stigma and Shaming in the Professional Reintegration of Persons with Criminal RecordsSt. Helene-Uko, Illesha
2017Lived Experiences of Breastfeeding in Jogjakarta, Indonesia: Forms of Authority Beyond the LawNyonator, John Paul
2017Higher Order Neural Networks and Neural Networks for Stream LearningDong, Yue
2017A Novel Road Marking Detection and Recognition Technique Using a Camera-based Advanced Driver Assistance SystemTang, Zongzhi
2017An Infrastructure Based Worm Spreading Countermeasure for Vehicular Ad Hoc NetworksZhang, Qi
2017What is the International Landscape of Essential Medicine Patent Protection and How Can Developing Countries' Medicine Access be Accelerated Within It?Beall, Reed
2017Dual-spray Synthesis and ReactionsRashid, Shaan
2017Étude sociolinguistique du français acadien du nord-est du Nouveau-BrunswickChiasson-Léger, Mélissa
2017Requirements Engineering for an Online Asset Mapping Tool for Disaster PreparednessHadi, Ahsanuzzaman
2017Photography, the State, and War: Mapping the Contemporary War Photography LandscapeKirkpatrick, Erika Marie
2017Application of Base Isolation Systems to Reinforced Concrete Frame BuildingsHan, Mengyu
2017L'expérience étudiante d'immigrants de première génération à travers leur processus d'intégration réussie au collégial francophone en OntarioProulx, Lynnda
2017Choline Transport Links Phospholipid Metabolism and Inflammation in MacrophagesSnider, Shayne
2017Land-Based Food Initiatives in Two Rural and Remote Indigenous CommunitiesLeibovitch Randazzo, Michael
2017Potential Role for the Sarcolemmal Membrane Associated Protein Isoform 3 (SLMAP3) in Cardiac Remodeling Post Myocardial InfarctionLefnaier, Wafa
2017Regulators of Adult Hippocampal NeurogenesisDhaliwal, Jagroop
2017Exploiting Symmetry in the Production and Measurement of Photon PairsSaaltink, Rebecca