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2016Language Register in Written Feedback to Graduate StudentsQwai, Nidhal
2016Le sentiment d’appartenance à la communauté militaire : une étude sur l’auto-évaluation de la santé et de la perception du taux de criminalité dans le quartierOuellet, Eric
2016Demography, Movement Patterns, and Habitat Selection of Blanding's Turtles at Canadian Nuclear Laboratories in Chalk River, OntarioHawkins, Emily
2016Stormwater Retention Ponds: Hydrogen Sulfide Production, Water Quality and Sulfate-Reducing Bacterial KineticsD'Aoust, Patrick Marcel
2016A Collagen Matrix Promotes Anti-Inflammatory Healing Macrophage Function Through a miR-92a MechanismLister, Zachary
2016An Indigenous Methodology for Coming to Know Milo Pimatisiwin as Land-Based Initiatives for Indigenous YouthGaudet, Janice Cindy
2016Antonio Skármeta's Narratives of Ethnicity: Rewriting Chile's Discourses of IdentityMorpaw, May
2016The Impact of Environmental Heavy Metal Exposures on Pregnancy and Birth OutcomesAu, Felicia
2016A Systems Analysis Approach to Colorectal Cancer Screening Access In the Northwest TerritoriesChampion, Caitlin
2016Robust Multiframe Super-Resolution with Adaptive Norm Choice Using Difference Curvature Based BTV RegularizationLiu, Xiaohong
2016User Experience-Based Provisioning Services in Vehicular CloudsAloqaily, Moayad
2016"But oh, I could it not refine": Lady Hester Pulter's Textual AlchemyPadaratz, Pricilla
2016Tsunami Vulnerability Assessment of the Canadian Pacific CoastCheff, Isabelle
2016Experiencing Resonance: Choral Singing in Medical EducationNemoy, Laura
2016Multistate Computational Protein Design: Theories, Methods, and ApplicationsDavey, James A.
2016Measuring Music Reading: A Guide to Assessment MethodsJensen, Mary Claire
2016Concert rock et théâtralité : Secret World Live de Peter GabrielBercier, Ariane
2016Stereo Matching Based on Edge-Aware T-MSTZhou, Dan
2016Voltaire's "Candide" and the Methodology of Dramatic AdaptationBallachey, Catherine
2016Law-Making by the Security Council in Areas of Counter-Terrorism and Non-Proliferation of Weapons of Mass-DestructionMirzaei Yengejeh, Saeid