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2015Acid Adaptive Mechanisms of Campylobacter jejuni in the Gastrointestinal TractAskoura, Momen Mahmoud Ez ElArab Abd ElAziz M.
2015Droits humains et mouvements sociaux en Amérique latine. Le cas des mouvements afro-colombiensMoreno, Esperanza
2015Factors Affecting Translational Efficiency of BacteriophagesPrabhakaran, Ramanandan
2015Le traitement journalistique du « printemps érable » : Comprendre les logiques agissant sur le processus de fabrication de la nouvelleCléroux, Sonia
2015Differentiating Habits for Pro-Environmental BehavioursAitken, Nicole
2015Development of Climate Change Scenarios for the South Nation WatershedAbdullah, Alodah
2015Effects of Remission and Genetic Variation on Brain Structure in Treatment-Resistant Major Depressive Disorder: A Prospective, Longitudinal Imaging StudyPhillips, Jennifer
2015Management of Children with Anaphylaxis in the Emergency Department: Practice Pattern and Prediction of Biphasic ReactionsAlqurashi, Waleed
2015Exposure to Biased Language: The Role of Linguistic Abstraction in the Transmission, Maintenance, and Formation of BeliefsCollins, Katherine Anne
2015The ‘My Lai Massacre’ Narrative in American History and Memory: A Story of American ConservatismStewart, Eric
2015Improving Flow Completion Time and Throughput in Data Center NetworksJoy, Sijo
2015Web Services for Energy Management in a Smart Grid EnvironmentKhan, Adnan Afsar
2015Looking Back and Moving Forward: A Meta-Analytic Review and Two Original Studies Examining the Role of Action Planning and Coping Planning in Promoting Physical Activity BehaviourCarraro, Natasha Olga Norina
2015The Roles of Iron, Fur and PerR in Regulating Gene Expression in Campylobacter jejuniButcher, James
2015La construction de l'identité dans une école indépendante: Le cas d'une école musulmane à MontréalEssid, Souhaiel
2015Thermal Reduction of Common Food-Borne Pathogens During CompostingCooper, Ashley
2015Evaluation of a Rectal Cancer Patient Decision Aid and the Factors Influencing its Implementability in Clinical PracticeWu, Robert
2015Investigating the Elements Influencing the Identification of “At-Risk” Students in the Context of the Full-Day Early Learning - Kindergarten Program in OntarioGooderham, Suzanne
2015Improvements in Obreshkov-based High-Order Circuit Simulation MethodLin, Yaoyao
2015Distributed Crawling of Rich Internet ApplicationsMir Taheri, Seyed Mohammad