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2015Numerical Simulation of the Long-term Balance of Salinity in the Persian GulfYan, Xiaohui
2015Locomotion and Morphing of a Coupled Bio-Inspired Flexible System: Modeling and SimulationFattahi, Seyed Javad
2015Photonic Integrated Circuit Architecture for Radio-over-Fibre ApplicationsHasan, Mehedi
2015Asociation of PCSK9 with Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL) in the Regulation of LDL-Cholesterol LevelsSarkar, Samantha Khadija
2015Employing Sensor and Service Fusion to Assess Driving PerformanceHosseinioun, Seyed Vahid
2015Enhancing the Use of Network Meta-analysis to Synthesize Information on Benefits and Harms of Drugs to Support Regulatory and Reimbursement Decisions in CanadaCameron, Chris
2015Analysis and Modulation of In Vitro Cell Response to Metal Ions From CoCrMo Alloys Used in Orthopaedic ApplicationsBaskey, Stephen James
2015Believing to Belong: Negotiation and Expression of American Identity at a Non-religious CampBullivant, Spencer Culham
2015Visual Recognition of a Dynamic Arm Gesture Language for Human-Robot and Inter-Robot CommunicationAbid, Muhammad Rizwan
2015La réforme pénale de 1984 au Brésil : pourquoi est-il si difficile de réduire le recours à l'incarcération?Mendonça Raupp, Mariana
2015Music Performance Anxiety in Children and Teenagers: Effects of Perfectionism, Self-Efficacy, and GenderDempsey, Erin
2015Predicting Disease Vector Distributions Through Space and Time Using Environmental and Vector Control DataAcheson, Emily
2015Les expériences des enfants en situation de rue à Djibouti : Analyse d’une marginalitéOmar Hassan, Fathia
2015Novel SMAC Mimetics as Peptide-based Small Molecule Inhibitors of IAPs to Induce Apoptosis in Cancer CellsMcClymont, Kyle Stephen
2015Investigative Documentary as Critique? Understanding the Role of Narrative in the CBC Fifth Estate Documentaries on the Ashley Smith CaseWeir, Charissa
2015Improving a Smartphone Wearable Mobility Monitoring System with Feature Selection and Transition RecognitionCapela, Nicole Alexandra
2015A Clinical and Economic Perspective of Ophthalmological Disease in Rural IndiaTurpin, MacKenzie
2015Cross Layer Peer-to-Peer Video Sharing for Vehicle Ad-Hoc Networks (VANETs)Hengheng, Xie
2015Architecture for a Fully Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Collaborative Computing PlatformWilson, Dany
2015Fractionation Resistance of Duplicate Genes Following Whole Genome Duplication in Plants as a Function of Gene Ontology Category and Expression LevelChen, Eric Chun-Hung