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2015A Stormy War of Position: An Investigation of the Use of Human Right to Water and Sanitation Discourse to Legitimate Accumulation by DispossessionKarunananthan, Meera
2015Clinical Prediction Rule for Treatment Change Based on Echocardiogram Findings in Transient Ischemic Attack and Non-Disabling StrokeAlsadoon, Abdulaziz
2015The Characterization of the Novel Chloroquine Derivative VR23 for its Anticancer PropertiesPundir, Sheetal
2015Communication in the Healthcare Organization: The Perceived use of Rhetoric among Healthcare ProfessionalsYahuza, Jibril
2015A Class of Contractivity Preserving Hermite-Birkhoff-Taylor High Order Time Discretization MethodsKarouma, Abdulrahman
2015Health, Healthcare, and Economic Impacts of Hospital-initiated Smoking Cessation InterventionsMullen, Kerri
2015A Possible Role for Salicylic Acid-induced Genes in Fusarium Graminearum InfectionAlharthi, Reem
2015Bullying and Peer Victimization of Ethnic Majority and Minority Youth: Meta-Analyses and School ContextVitoroulis, Irene
2015Agency In Truancy: Runaway Slaves and the Power of Negotiation In the United States, 1736-1840North, Colin
2015Quivers and Three-Dimensional Lie AlgebrasPike, Jeffrey
2015Peter Schat's Tone Clock: The Steering Function and Pitch-Class Set Transformation in GenenFernandez Ibarz, Erik
2015Exploring the Role of Corporate Social Responsibility and its Influence on Branding: A Grounded Theory Case Study of Hydro OttawaPhillips, Michele
2015Calcium Dynamics of Isolated Goldfish (Carassius auratus) Retinal Horizontal Cells: Effects of Oxygen-Glucose DeprivationCampbell, Benjamin
2015A Chinese Bite of Translation: A Translational Approach to Chineseness and Culinary IdentityXue, Jingnan
2015Sentiment Analysis of Data from Online Forums on the Newborn Genome SequencingPoursepanj, Hamid
2015An Experiential Approach to the Delivery of the Grade 10 Civics Curriculum in Ontario: The Case of DILACollard, Jason
2015Developing Consumer Adoption Model on Mobile Wallet in CanadaZarrin Kafsh, Sanaz
2015The Pacification of Favelas of Rio de Janeiro: A Neoliberal Twist to an Old-Fashioned InterventionPier Angelli, De Luca Maciel
2015Blast Retrofit of Reinforced Concrete ColumnsLloyd, Alan Eric Walker
2015Spectral Distortions & Enhancements In Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering HyperspectroscopyBarlow, Aaron M.