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2017Effect of EPA on Intercellular Lipid Droplets DegradationAmir Alipour, Mohsen
2017Vers un campus novel franco-ontarien : suivi de Sur une clôtureChayer, Martin
2017Organization of health services for minority populations: the role of organizational health literacy and an active offer of health services in French in OntarioFarmanova, Elina
2017Exploring the Role of Parkinson’s-Linked Leucine-Rich Repeat Kinase-2 in the Immune SystemHakimi, Mansoureh
2017Understanding the Paradoxical Experiences of Indigeneity In Izalco, El SalvadorMelara Pineda, Juan Gualberto
2017Consolidation of Cermet Coatings by Cold Gas Dynamic SprayingFernandez-Urrutia, Ruben
2017Neuromuscular Strategies for Regulating Knee Joint Moments in Healthy and Injured PopulationsFlaxman, Teresa
2017Ces jeunes filles parlent trop suivi de Transformations et déviances corporelles chez Anne-Marie Albiach et LautréamontBouchard, Geneviève
2017Seismic Fragility Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Shear Wall Buildings in CanadaRafie Nazari, Yasamin
2017Relay Selection for Heterogeneous Transmission Powers in Connected VehiclesAlotaibi, Maryam
2017Exploring Conspicuous Luxury Consumption In Iran: The Role Of Individual Factors and Consumer KnowledgeKermani, Mohammad
2017The Harvard Trauma Questionnaire: Reliability and Validity Generalization Studies of the Symptom ScalesDarzi, Chantal
2017Synthesis, Kinetics, and Mechanism of Catalytically Active Aminic Radical-Trapping Antioxidants & Development of the Fluorometric and Spectrophotometric Tools Used in Their AnalysisHaidasz, Evan
2017Groundwater Vulnerability Assessment Using a GIS-Based Modified DRASTIC Model in Agricultural AreasGheisari, Narges
2017The Role of TASK-2 Channels in CO2 Sensing in Zebrafish (Danio rerio)Koudrina, Natalia
2017Distortional Static and Buckling Analysis of Wide Flange Steel BeamsPezeshky, Payam
2017Characterization of Micro-Machining of Dental Screws and AbutmentsYork, Richard
2017Job Satisfaction Among Critical Care Nurses: A Systematic Review of Contributing Factors, Individual and OrganizationalDilig-Ruiz, Alison
2017Molecular and Clinical Delineation of Rare Disorders of StatureHood, Rebecca
2017Pre-Clinical Assessment of the Proteasomal Inhibitor Bortezomib as a Generalized Therapeutic Approach for Recessively Inherited DisordersJary, Calvin