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2015The Relationship Between Physical and Sedentary Activity on the Mental Health Outcomes of Children and Youth In the National Longitudinal Survey of Children and YouthBélair, Marc-André
2015Deconstructing Rapid Reviews: An Exploration of Knowledge, Traits and AttitudesKelly, Shannon E.
2015Entre démocratisation et tradition : la modernisation de l'enseignement en français à l'école bilingue franco-ontarienne (1927-1960)Chaplain-Corriveau, Simon-Pierre
2015Youth Agency and the Efficacy of Basic Education in Tanzania: An Inquiry into Post-primary School StructurationDaSilva, Christian
2015Evening Twilight of Art: An Examination of Nietzsche's Critique of Art and Aesthetic TraditionAleksandra, Subic
2015The Lived Experience of Pregancy among HIV-positive Refugee Women: A Qualitative StudyChulach, Teresa
2015Les ONG religieuses et l'État chinoisLacroix-Cuerrier, Vincent
2015Modelling Schottky Contact Surface Plasmon Nano-detectorMahmoud Othman, Naema
2015In Situ Raman Spectroscopy of the Type Selective Etching of Carbon Nanotubes and Their Growth from C60 SeedsLi-Pook-Than, Andrew
2015Analyzing Dynamic Football Passing NetworkRahnamai Barghi, Amir
2015A Methodology for Development of Clinical Performance Monitoring ApplicationsMata, Pilar
2015Gender, HIV Prevalence and HIV-Related Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behavior in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Comparative StudyElAsad, Sahar
2015Integrating IP Protocol Into Optical Networks by Using Software-defined Network (SDN)Al-Ani, Layth
2015Music in Motion: A Metaphoric Mapping of Forces in Piano Concertos by Mozart and SchumannRoy, Adam
2015What Motivates Marketing Innovation and Whether Marketing Innovation Varies across Industry SectorsWang, Shu
2015Nonuniform Coverage with Time-Varying Risk Density FunctionYazdan Panah, Arian
2015Why Are Children Sedentary: An Examination Using the International Study of Childhood Obesity, Lifestyle and the EnvironmentLeBlanc, Allana
2015Effects of Pharmacological Manipulation of the Serotonergic/Cholinergic Systems on Sleep Structure in Two 5-HT1A Genotypes: Implications for a Model of DepressionBiard, Kathleen
2015Capillary Electrophoresis - Mass Spectrometry for BioanalysisMironov, Gleb
2015Heart Rate Variability Extraction from Video SignalsAlghoul, Karim