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2016The Implementation and Impact of a Self-Regulation Intervention on the Levels and Experiences of Stress, Burnout, Well-Being, and Self-Regulation Capacity of University Student-Athletes with Moderate to High Levels of BurnoutDubuc-Charbonneau, Nicole
2016Capillary Electrophoresis for Separation of Biomolecules and VirusesGargaun, Ana
2016Exploring New Applications of Group 7 Complexes for Catalytic and CO2 Reduction Using Photons or ElectrochemistryAlghamdi, Ahlam
2016La prévention du génocide: un défi possible à releverIyakaremye, Jean-Bosco
2016Équations aux dérivées partielles stochastiques avec bruit de LévyNdongo, Cheikh Bécaye
2016International Trade and Investment Agreements and Health: The Role of Transnational Corporations and International Investment LawSchram, Ashley
2016Exploring Sexual Well-Being in Older Adulthood: Diversity in Experiences and Associated FactorsBell, Suzanne
2016The Impact of Science Teachers' Metacognition on Their Planning Choice of Technology-mediated Inquiry-based ActivitiesMohamed, M.Elfatih Ibrahim Mustafa
2016Assessing Recombinant Expression of Urease Enzyme from Sporosarcina ureae as a Carbonatogenic Method for Strength Enhancement of Loose, Sandy SoilsWhitaker, Justin
2016Friedrich-Albert Lange (1828-1875) : les apories de la naturalisation de l'épistémologie kantienne et ses implications pratiques.Descarreaux, Samuel
2016The Impact of the Recent Financial Crisis on Bank Lending to SMEs in CanadaLegendre, Nicolas
2016La thérapie auprès d’une clientèle résistante d’hommes ayant commis des actes de violence conjugale et sous contrainte de consultation : rationalisations et stratégies d’intervention d’une ressource d’aideFortin, Alexandra
2016Exploring Nurses' Knowledge and Experiences Related to Trauma-Informed CareStokes, Yehudis
2016TCP/AQM Congestion Control Based on the H2/H∞ TheoryHaghighizadeh, Navin
2016Facing the Challenges of Female Obesity During Midlife: Social Inequality, Weight Control, and Stigma in Clinically Overweight and Obese WomenBinette, Rachelle
2016Translating Italian-Canadian Migrant Writing to Italian: a Discourse Around the Return to the Motherland/TongueNannavecchia, Tiziana
2016The Church in Globalization: A World-Systems Analysis on the Influence of Liberalism in Modern Catholic Social ThoughtPump, Andrew
2016The Hyperbolic Formal Affine Demazure AlgebraLeclerc, Marc-Antoine
2016Exploration des relations entre la consommation d'alcool et la pratique du hockey sur glace au niveau juniorRoy, Jonathan
2016L'impact des peines minimales sur les négociations de plaidoyer de culpabilité : les stratégies de la Couronne et de la DéfenseBoucher, Alex