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2014La argumentación en los ensayos de William OspinaPeralta-Sánchez, Andrés-Felipe; Moser, Walter
2014Smac Mimetic Compound Treatment Induces Tumour Regression and Skeletal Muscle WastingVineham, Jennifer; Korneluk, Robert
2014Paracrine Engineering of Human Cardiac Stem Cells with Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 Promotes Cell Survival to Enhance Myocardial RepairJackson, Robyn; Davis, Darryl
2014Allons au pays des merveilles : la construction des univers merveilleux dans les récits de voyage imaginaire pour la jeunesseDurocher, Maryse; Fournier, Michel
2014Examen des formes d'appropriation des femmes à partir du témoignage de Waris Dirie dans Fleur du désertGervais, Marie-Hélène; Bourque, Dominique
2014Analysis of Concussion Metrics of Real-world Concussive and Non-injurious Elbow and Shoulder to Head Collisions in Ice HockeyRousseau, Philippe; Hoshizaki, Thomas Blaine
2014Cardiovascular Effects and Pattern of Use of Antineoplastic Therapies in Female Breast Cancer PatientsSophie, Hamel; Dr. Daniel Krewski, Dr. Anthony Krantis
2014"Homo Fugiens" via les arts de la fugue : trajectoires du sujet, espaces de fugue. Vers une théorie musicale du sujet.Trey, Flavie; Thomas-Fogiel, Isabelle; Rougé, Bertrand
2014Towards Fluorinated Substrate Analogs and N-Acylated 2-Aminopyrimidine Inhibitors of LipoxygenasesHaycock, Meghan Lynn; Pratt, Derek A.
2014Microindentation Creep of Calcium-Silicate-Hydrate and Secondary Hydrated Cement SystemsNguyen, Dan-Tam; James, Beaudoin
2014L’identité créolisée comme alternative aux complexités identitaires : une analyse discursive du genre et de la race dans quelques textes législatifs françaisMystille, Eliza; De B'béri, Boulou Ebanda
2014Interdependent Cyber Physical Systems: Robustness and Cascading FailuresHuang, Zhen; Nayak, Amiya; Stojmenovic, Ivan
2014Weil Representation and Central Extensions of Loop Symplectic GroupsBergeron-Legros, Gabriel; Salmasian, Hadi
2014Transtibial Amputee and Able-bodied Walking Strategies for Maintaining Stable Gait in a Multi-terrain Virtual EnvironmentSinitski, Emily H; Lemaire, Edward; Baddour, Natalie
2014Applying a Spatio-Temporal Approach to the Study of Urban Social Landscapes in Tianjin, ChinaLiu, Ziwei; Cao, Huhua
2014Cross-Border Venture Capital Investments: An Analysis of Exit Outcomes for Canadian FirmsKong, Shuangshuang; Riding, Allan; Nitani, Miwako
2014An Examination of Former High School Athletes' Perspectives on Life Skill Development and TransferKendellen, Kelsey; Camiré, Martin
2014The Role of CD80 and CD86 In Macrophage Activation and its Regulation Following LPS StimulationWoldai, Seghen; Kumar, Ashok
2014The Health of Nations: Three Essays In Health EconomicsKayembe, Lidia; Barham, Victoria; Devlin, Rose Anne
2014The Epidemiology and Health System Impact of Medium-Chain Acyl-CoA Dehydrogenase Deficiency Among Affected Children and Those with False Positive Newborn Screening Results in Ontario, CanadaKaraceper, Maria D; Potter, Elizabeth; Chakraborty, Pranesh