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2014Self-Serving Biases In Students' Evaluations of Teaching: Examining the Impact of Self-Reported Narcissism and ShynessStaddon, Melissa; Vaillancourt, Tracy
2014From the Theory of Archival Narrative to the Practice of Archival Blogging: Why the Characteristics of Narrative MatterPatti, Harper; Alberts, Inge
2014Récupérer les valeurs du passé pour orienter le futur : Sankɔfa comme principe politique des communautés akans du Ghana contemporainIsabelle, Bernard; Giroux, Dalie; Jourde, Cedric
2014Persona seras-tu... suivi de Les mal-aimés d'AntigoneRocheleau, Cindy; Charest, Nelson
2014Analysis of Conditional Knock-out of Calpain Small Subunit, capns1, in Central Nervous System Development and FunctionAmini, Mandana; Park, David
2014A Roadmap for Assimilating Authors’ and Users’ Human Rights into International Copyright LawAl-Sharieh, Saleh; Judge, Elizabeth
2014The Immunoregulatory Role of Natural Killer (NK) Cell Derived IL-10 During Microbial InfectionsKaur Komal, Amandeep; Lee, Seung-Hwan
2014Does Work Experience Using Technology for College and University Nursing Students Influence the Nursing Informatics Competency Scores by the End of the 4th Year Program for One School in the Province of Ontario, Canada? A Cross-Sectional DesignDionne, Marie-Pierre; Trumpower, David
2014E nostre lingue sò e nostre vite : une étude comparative des paroles des enfants sur le processus de choix scolaire en milieu minoritaire en Ontario et en CorseCotnam-Kappel, Megan; Dalley, Phyllis; Di Meglio, Alain
2014Macroscale Analysis of Strain Path Change Effects in AA3104 by Digital Image CorrelationLan, Yusha; Weck, Arnaud
2014Gas-phase Ion Chemistry of Hydroxy and Amino-substituted Interstellar Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Protonated Polycyclic Aromatic HydrocarbonsOuellette, Mélanie; Mayer, Paul
2014Fluid Dynamic Studies in Support of an Industrial Ebullated Bed HydroprocessorPjontek, Dominic; Macchi, Arturo
2014Disordering 'Order'; Learning How to Eat in Recovery from an Eating DisorderPlant, Angela; Laplante, Julie
2014Application of Collagen Matrices for Enhancing Cardiac RegenerationAhmadi, Ali; Suuronen, Erik; Ruel, Marc
2014Helicase Purification for DNA SequencingLeah, Labib; Mussivand, Tofy; Dilworth, Jeffrey
2014Deriving Gas Transport Properties of Microporous Silica Membranes from First Principles and Simulating Separation of Multi-Component Systems in Different Flow ConfigurationsDeyhim, Sina; Kruczek, Boguslaw
2014The Grothendieck Gamma Filtration, the Tits Algebras, and the J-invariant of a Linear Algebraic GroupJunkins, Caroline; Zaynullin, Kirill
2014The Generation and Characterization of the Nrl-/-;Ccdc136+/- Mouse Line to Investigate Cone Photoreceptor Transplantation in Adult Mouse RetinasSmiley, Sheila; Wallace, Valerie
2014Analysis of Potential DNA Insulators in Arabidopsis thalianaRasooli, Lara; Johnson, Douglas
2014Les perceptions et les besoins en santé dentaire chez des femmes francophones en situation minoritaire vivant dans un contexte de vulnérabilité sociale à OttawaAnnous, Rana; Laperrière, Hélène