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2016Temperature Modulates the Strength of Density-dependent Habitat Selection in Ectotherms: Expanding and Testing Theory with Red Flour Beetles and Common GartersnakesHalliday, William
2016Central Mechanisms Mediating Ang II-Salt HypertensionLu, Jiao
2016Shared Leadership in Chamber Music Ensembles: A Preliminary Study Borrowing from Sports PsychologyKleyn, Mark
2016The Treatment of Women Under Canada’s Gender Guidelines in Judicial Reviews of Gender-Related Refugee Claims: 2003-2013See, Erica
2016A Phenomenological Exploration of Engineers’ Experiences Using Communication Technologies in TeleworkMacFarlane, Gabrielle
2016Design and Analysis of an Adjustable and Configurable Bio-inspired Heuristic Scheduling Technique for Cloud Based SystemsAl Buhussain, Ali
2016Vehicular Cloud: Stochastic Analysis of Computing Resources in a Road SegmentZhang, Tao
2016Measurement of Refractive Index and Thickness of Multi Layer Systems Using Fourier Domain Optical Coherence TomographyRajai, Payman
2016Computational Reconstruction of the Physical Eye Using a New Gradient Index of Refraction ModelDube, Zack
2016Innovation and Firm Survival In Start-UpsFloyd, Joseph
2016The Covalent Modification of Proteins: New Therapeutics and Probing Function and MechanismDornan, Mark
2016A Microfluidic Volume Sensor for Single-Cell Growth MeasurementsJing, Wenyang
2016Coach Knowledge Management: The Needs and Wants of Elite Coaches from African and Small Island Regions of the CommonwealthPatry, Philippe
2016Hypoxia-induced Manipulations of Relative Exercise Intensity do not Alter Steady-state Thermoregulatory Responses or Maximal Heat Loss Capacity During ExerciseCoombs, Geoff
2016Temporal Closeness in Knowledge Mobilization NetworksDoan, William
2016Seismic Retrofitting of Conventional Reinforced Concrete Moment-Resisting Frames Using Buckling Restrained BracesAl-Sadoon, Zaid
2016Strength and Deformation Behaviour of Cemented Paste Backfill in Sub-zero EnvironmentChang, Shuang
2016Beyond Transition: Understanding Workplace Integration of Internationally Educated Nurses - A Qualitative Case StudyRamji, Zubeida
2016Blast Performance of Reinforced Concrete Columns Protected by FRP LaminatesKadhom, Bessam
2016Elucidating the Role of LRRK2 in the Central Nervous System: An Examination of Toxin-Induced Neuronal OutcomesAbdel-Messih, Elizabeth