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2014Analyse des performances d'un système de concentrateurs photovoltaïques prototypes en utilisant deux sites de tests différents.Carle, Frederick; Hinzer, Karin
2014Pythagoras UnchainedBrown, Adam; Golland, Martin
2014Imperial Crises and British Political Ideology in the Age of the American Revolution, 1763-1773Gilding, Ben Joseph; Connors, Richard
2014Witchcraft, Violence and Mediation in Africa: A Comparative Study of Ghana and CameroonRoxburgh, Shelagh; Brown, Stephen
2014High Harmonic Spectroscopy of Complex MoleculesWong, Michael C. H.; Bhardwaj, Ravi
2014Biomimetic Surface Coatings from Modular Amphiphilic ProteinsWan, Fan; Harden, James
2014The Effects of Feedforward Self-modeling on Self-efficacy, Music Performance Anxiety, and Music Performance in Anxious Adolescent MusiciansMoody, Lisa; Ste-Marie, Diane
2014La reconnaissance des musulmans en contexte de laïcité : médiation et dialogue chez Mohammed Arkoun et Tariq RamadanFournier, Priscilla; Karmis, Dimitrios
2014Dangerous Young Men: Themes of Female Sexuality and Masculinity in Paranormal Romance Novels for Young AdultsRussell, Shannon; McLaughlin, Mireille
2014Synapse et Pixel / Living Room : la traduction comme méthodologie artistiqueDumouchel, Anne-Marie; Cousineau-Levine, Penny
2014Towards a Privacy Preserving Framework for Publishing Longitudinal DataSehatkar, Morvarid; Matwin, Stanislaw
2014The Roles of Social Status, Maternal Stress, and Parental Investment in Modulation of Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Interrenal Axis Function in Teleost FishJeffrey, Jennifer D; Gilmour, Kathleen
2014An Electrochemical and Spectroscopic Investigation of Nickel Electrodes in Alkaline Media for Applications in Electro-CatalysisHall, David Scott; MacDougall, Barry
2014Projections of Sea Level Along the East Coast of North AmericaLove, Ryan; Milne, Glenn
2014From the Invisible Hand to the Invisible Woman: The Politics of Neutrality in the Context of Social Tax ExpendituresAnnick, Provencher; Lamarche, Lucie
2014Topical Structure in Long Informal DocumentsKazantseva, Anna; Szpakowicz, Stanislaw
2014A Role for Integrin-linked Kinase In Oligodendrocyte Mediated Myelination of the Central Nervous SystemMichalski, John-Paul; Kothary, Rashmi
2014Hippocampal Synaptic Plasticity in a Murine Knock-Out Model of Fragile X SyndromeGandhi, Reno; Kogan, Cary
2014Pour ou contre l'utilisation d'animaux en science? Enquête sur les représentations sociales qui informent le débatPascale Belleau; Ross, Philippe
2014The Impact of Two Introduced Herbivores on the Population Ecology of Lythrum Salicaria: Implications for Plant Performance, Reproduction and Community DiversitySt. Louis, Excedera; Sargent, Risa