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2016Tritium Mobility in the Environment Using Deuterium as an AnalogueDeHay-Turner, Brett
2016Population Dynamics in Random Environment, Random Walks on Symmetric Group, and Phylogeny ReconstructionJamshidpey, Arash
2016RF Front-End Design for X Band using 0.15µm GaN HEMT TechnologySaha, Sumit
2016Journeying to the Father: Researching Faith and Identity in a Contemporary Catholic Youth Movement in CanadaGareau, Paul
2016Derivation and Internal Validation of a Clinical Prediction Tool for Adult Emergency Department Syncope PatientsKwong, Kenneth
2016Design of Broadband GaN 0.15μm RF Switches and X-band Reconfigurable Impedance TunerKhan, Iftekhar
2016The Role of Iron and Anthropogenic Activities in Eutrophication: A Contemporary and Paleolimnological StudyVarin, Marie-Pierre
2016Experimental Approach for Drug Profiling of Calcitriol in YeastJagadeesan, Sasi Kumar
2016Effect of Stacking Sequence and Fiber Orientation on the Stress-Strain Behavior of CFRP Confined Concrete CylindersSulaiman, Ahmed
2016Identification des facteurs qui influencent l’utilisation des services de santé sexuelle et reproductive chez les femmes immigrantes francophones d’Afrique SubsaharienneSawadogo, Martine
2016Numerical Modelling and Field Study of Thermal Plume Dispersion in Rivers and Coastal WatersPilechi, Abolghasem
2016Knights of Faith: The Soldier in Canadian War FictionAbram, Zachary
2016We are Still Dancing: Métis Women’s Voices on Dance as a Restorative Praxis for WellbeingRoy, Sylvie
2016Consequences of IRF2BP2 Loss of Function in Mouse Development and Skeletal Muscle RegenerationHo, Tiffany
2016Connecting Metal-Support Interaction and Electrochemical Promotion Phenomena for Nano-structured CatalystsDole, Holly
2016Straddling (In)Visibility: Representations of Bisexual Women in Twenty-First Century Popular CultureCocarla, Sasha
2016Towards Photocatalytic Overall Water Splitting via Small Organic ShuttlesSommers, Jacob
2016An Automatically Generated Lexical Knowledge Base with Soft DefinitionsScaiano, Martin
2016Coupled Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical-Chemical (THMC) Processes in Cemented Tailings Backfill Structures and Implications for their Engineering DesignGhirian, Alireza
2016The Role of Steroid Hormones, GREB1, and Reproductive Status in Ovarian Cancer ProgressionHodgkinson, Kendra