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2014A Location-Aware Social Media Monitoring SystemJi, Liu
2014An Analysis of the Determinants of Internal Control Disclosure by Multinational CorporationsMohammed Zakaria, Nehari Talet
2014Status of Accountability in Online News Media: A Case Study of NepalAcharya, Bhanu Bhakta
2014The Role of PRAJA2 in TSH- or Isoproterenol- Stimulated Lipolysis in Human AdipocytesMcBride, Arran
2014A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Exploration of Psychotherapists’ Practice of Mindful AcceptanceBu, Shaofan
2014Turbulent Diffusion in Uniformly Sheared FlowVanderwel, Christina M.
2014A Comparative Study of Ensemble Active LearningAlabdulrahman, Rabaa
2014Enhanced Contour Description for People Detection in ImagesDu, Xiaoyun
2014Exploring Novel Methods to Achieve Systemic Delivery of SMN for Treatment of Spinal Muscular AtrophyMcFall, Emily
2014“Maternal Melancholia”: Reading Diasporic Asian Canadian Motherwork in the Fictions of Kerri Sakamoto, Hiromi Goto, and Madeleine ThienVu, Dorothy
2014Methods for Optimal Transmission over MIMO Wiretap ChannelsLi, Kaiya
2014Bloody Oil: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Safety Crimes in the Alberta Oil and Gas IndustryPitoulis, Terry
2014Cultural Mediation and the Case of "I, Claudia" Study GuidesLavallee, Jessie
2014An A/r/tographical Inquiry of a Silenced First Nation Ancestry, Hauntology, G(hosts) and Art(works): An Exhibition CatalogueCloutier, Geneviève
2014Simulation of Collective Intelligence of a Multi-Species Artificial Ecosystem Based on Energy FlowAsgari, Aliakbar
2014Life Skill Development in Athletes with Intellectual Disabilities: The Strategies and Learning Pathways of Special Olympics CoachesCybulski, Sarah
2014L'expérience d'apprentissage de l'empathie chez les étudiantes en soins infirmiers auxiliaires pendant leur stage de préceptoratBercier, Mariève
2014'No easy fix': The Supervised Injection Site Debate in CanadaZhang, Kelly
2014The Development of the Clinical Supervisor: An Examination of Theories, Contributing Factors, and MeasuresBarker, Keegan
2014Religious Revival in Tajikistan: The Soviet Legacy RevisitedThibault, Hélène