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2014System Dynamics and Statistical Modeling of Severe Storms: The Case of Charlottetown, P.E.I., CanadaBeigzadeh, Shima; Lane, Daniel; Crabbé, Philippe; Moll, Richard H.H.
2014InCloud-Towards Infotainment Services For VANETsGuo, Haolin; Saddik, Abdulmotaleb El
2014The Critical Role of PI3K-AKT-mTOR Pathway for IL-15 Induced NK Cell Effector ResponsesNandagopal, Neethi; Lee, Seung-Hwan
2014Effect of Phase-Contacting Patters and Operating Conditions on Gas Hydrate FormationSarah, Oddy; Arturo, Macchi
2014The Religion of Constantine I: An Analysis of the Modern Scholarly Hypotheses and Interpretations of the Contemporary EvidenceHobbs, Lauren; Burgess, Richard
2014A Novel Thiolated Hyaluronic acid Hydrogel for Spinal Cord Injury RepairLi, Ruifu; Cao, Xudong
2014Combining the Immunogenic Cancer Mutanome with Oncolytic Virus TherapyMarguerie, Monique; Bell, John
2014Cost-Effectiveness of Combining MRI with Mammography for Breast Cancer Screening Among High-Risk Population in OttawaAlYacoob, Hadeel; Angus, Douglas; Patrick, Jonathan
2014Design and Optimization of RFID SystemsIrfan, Nazish; Yagoub, Mustapha; Hettak, Khelifa
2014Thermography-Assisted Bearing Condition MonitoringMoussa, Wael; Liang, Ming
2014Preparation and Characterization of TiO2-Based Nano Particles and Tests for Their Activities in Meth¬ylene Blue PhotodegradationDuan, Aoshu; Zhang, Zisheng
2014Sorption of Microconstituents onto Primary and Activated Sludge to which Alum Has Been AddedZhu, Ying; Droste, Ronald
2014The Development of New Electronic Percussion Instruments in Popular Music of the 1980s: A Technical StudyMichael, Carlucci; Dineen, Phillip
2014Self-Serving Biases In Students' Evaluations of Teaching: Examining the Impact of Self-Reported Narcissism and ShynessStaddon, Melissa; Vaillancourt, Tracy
2014From the Theory of Archival Narrative to the Practice of Archival Blogging: Why the Characteristics of Narrative MatterPatti, Harper; Alberts, Inge
2014Récupérer les valeurs du passé pour orienter le futur : Sankɔfa comme principe politique des communautés akans du Ghana contemporainIsabelle, Bernard; Giroux, Dalie; Jourde, Cedric
2014Persona seras-tu... suivi de Les mal-aimés d'AntigoneRocheleau, Cindy; Charest, Nelson
2014Analysis of Conditional Knock-out of Calpain Small Subunit, capns1, in Central Nervous System Development and FunctionAmini, Mandana; Park, David
2014A Roadmap for Assimilating Authors’ and Users’ Human Rights into International Copyright LawAl-Sharieh, Saleh; Judge, Elizabeth
2014The Immunoregulatory Role of Natural Killer (NK) Cell Derived IL-10 During Microbial InfectionsKaur Komal, Amandeep; Lee, Seung-Hwan