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2015Characterization and Function of the ~70kDa Immunoreactive Species of Pannexin3 in RhabdomyosarcomasGill, Kushal
2015A 3D Framework for the Musculoskeletal Segmentation of Magnetic Resonance ImagesMoghadas Tabatabaei Zavareh, Seyed Mehdi
2015Incorporating Acoustical Consistency in the Design for Manufacturing of Wooden GuitarsDumond, Patrick
2015An Investigation of Pulp Mill Effluents and Their Wood Feedstocks as Potential Neuroendocrine Disruptors of the Fish Reproductive AxisWaye, Andrew
2015Quelles sont les pratiques communicationnelles qui contribuent à intéresser un collectif d’acteurs à la stratégie d’internationalisation d’une université et à l’enrôler? Une étude de cas.Legault-Bouchard, Régine
2015INGO Performance Management Practices and the Need for AccountabilityConlin, Brad
2015Synthesis, Analysis and Testing of Photoactive Heterojunction SemiconductorsMeng, Xiangchao
2015Bootstrapping Trust Evaluation Using a Trust Certificate ModelAlmoaber, Basmah
2015Improving Classification and Attribute Clustering: An Iterative Semi-supervised ApproachSeifi, Farid
2015Subjectivity and Music in Early Modern English DramaLoeb, Andrew
2015Strongly Stable and Accurate Numerical Integration Schemes for Nonlinear Systems in Atmospheric ModelsNazari, Farshid
2015La production pluraliste du droit transnational contemporainOvalle Diaz, Nelson Arturo
2015Human-centered Reliability Assessment and Condition Monitoring in Road Transportation SystemsKHASHAYAR, HOJJATI EMAMI
2015Mӧssbauer Spectroscopy and Magnetic Studies of EuPdGe3, Al13Fe4, and FeNiSn.Albedah, Mohammed
2015SU(2)-Irreducibly Covariant Quantum Channels and Some ApplicationsAL Nuwairan, Muneerah
2015The Synthesis, Structure and Magnetic Properties of O-Vanillin-Derived Schiff Base Polynuclear Lanthanide Single-Molecule MagnetsJiang, Yu Ting
2015A Multi-layered Scheme for Distributed Simulations on the Cloud EnvironmentGUAN, SHICHAO
2015The Effect of Repeated Resveratrol Administration on Global Ischemia-Induced Hippocampal Neurodegeneration, Neurochemical Effects and Functional AlterationsGirbovan, Catrinel
2015A Man of Visions: A New Examination of the Vision(s) of Constantine (Panegyric VI, Lactantius' De Mortibus Persecutorum, and Eusebius' De Vita Constantini)Bhola, Rajiv Kumar
2015Sensor Deployment and Coverage Maintenance by a Team of RobotsLi, Qiao