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2015Adaptive Management of Virtual Network ResourcesWanis, Bassem
2015Active Video Games and Energy Balance in Male AdolescentsGribbon, Aidan
2015My Personal Paso Doble: An Autoethnographic Performance “Starring” the Hidden Curriculum of Confidence Within International Latin DanceSportPasco-Pacheco, Crestina
2015A Quality Assurance Framework for Business Process ManagementMallur, Kavya
2015Combustion Characteristics for Non-homogeneous Segregated H2-Air MixturesManoubi, Maha
2015Rb-Sr Age Estimates of Pore Fluids in Sedimentary Rocks, DGR Site, Kincardine, OntarioBouchard, Laurianne
2015Re-Active Vector Equilibrium: A Novel Method of Autonomous Vehicle Navigation using Artificial Potential FieldsFrazier, Cameron
2015Identification and Targeting of Collagen in the Capsule of Rat Knees with Immobilization-Induced Flexion ContracturesWong, Kayleigh
2015Evolutionary Status of Mitochondrial Ribosomal Protein Genes rps19 and rpl2 and their Transfer to the Nucleus in GrassesAtluri, Sruthi
2015Concurrent Interprocedural Dataflow AnalysisZou, Di
2015Technoethics and Organizing: Exploring Ethical Hacking within a Canadian UniversityAbu-Shaqra, Baha
2015Médiation entre l’usager et l’image : Une étude exploratoire de l’utilisation des métadonnées par les professionnelsLéonard, Mariane
2015Modelling and Optimization of Batch Manufacturing Systems under Environmental and Economic ConsiderationsJafartayari, Saman
2015Optimization of the VITROCELL® Exposure System for In Vitro Toxicity Testing of Diesel Emissions at the Air-Liquid InterfaceGreenan, Rebecca
2015Waterborne Fluoxetine Exposure Disrupts Metabolism in Carassius auratusBrooke Elizabeth, Cameron
2015Financing Public Goods and Services through Taxation or User Fees: A Matter of Public Choice?Hache, Connie
2015Intracellular pH Regulation by Sodium-Hydrogen Exchanger Isoforms in Preimplantation Mouse EmbryosSiyanov, Violetta
2015Gender Dimensions of Community-managed Water Systems: Gender-water Realities in Peri-urban Cochabamba, BoliviaSalimi, Kate
2015The use of Inverse Neural Networks in the Fast Design of Printed Lens AntennasGosal, Gurpreet Singh
2015How to Create and Maintain a Social Problem: Critically Deconstructing the Canadian National Drug Strategies 1987-2014Dastouri, Serenna