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2014Development of Vesiculovirus-based Therapeutics for Acute LeukemiaConrad, David Paul; Bell, John; Atkins, Harry
2014An Examination of the Impact of Government and Non-Profit Organization Relationship on Prisoner Advocacy and Services in CanadaSokolov, Victor; Piche, Justin
2014Impaired Cardiac cAMP-specific PDE4, β1-AR, and NE in an Ischemia-Reperfusion Rat ModelVaskas, Jonas; DaSilva, Jean
2014Condition Dependence of Sexual Dimorphism in the Antler Fly, Protopiophila litigataOudin, Mathew; Rundle, Howard
2014The Making of 'Annabelle Blue': A Peircean Semiotic Analysis of the Creative ProcessPorteous, Carol; Andacht, Fernando
2014Targeting Tumour Vasculature with Oncolytic VirusesDe Silva, Naomi Samantha; Bell, John
2014Personality Assessment Using Multiple Online Social NetworksBhardwaj, Shally; El Saddik, Abdulmotaleb; Atrey, Pradeep
2014Reverse Water Gas Shift Reaction over Supported Cu-Ni Nanoparticle CatalystsLortie, Maxime; Ternan, Marten
2014A Journey through a Collective Environmental Conscience Metanarrative: The Case of Goletta VerdeCorriveau, Marianne; Young, Nathan
2014What Factors Influence the Breastfeeding Practices of Young Mothers Who Live or Have Lived in a Maternity Shelter?Edwards, Rosann; Peterson, Wendy
2014Women's Work as Painting PracticeKennedy, Darcie; Wright, Andrew
2014Interprétation et implantation de l’innovation au sein de la Société Radio-CanadaLacoste, Karine; Bélanger, Pierre
2014Meeting the Metabolic Demand during 24h of Cold Survival Simulation: A New Perspective on Energy Needs, Fuel Selection and Muscle RecruitmentLandry Mantha, Olivier; Haman, François
2014Fashioning Value: The Work of Identity in the Age of Digital ReproductionLajoie, Jason; Allen, Thomas
2014Do Gendered Social Institutions and Resources Promote Women's Entrepreneurial Intentions? A Multi-Country StudyJin, Meng; Persaud, Ajax; Schillo, Sandra
2014Electronic and Optical Properties of an Artificial Benzene RingVladisavljevic, Milos; Hawrylak, Pawel
2014Genetic Modification of Cardiac Stem Cells with Stromal Cell-Derived Factor 1α to Enhance Myocardial RepairTilokee, Everad; Davis, Darryl
2014An Analog of the Lindemann-Weierstrass Theorem for the Weierstrass p-FunctionRivard-Cooke, Martin; Roy, Damien
2014Changing Climate and Geographical Patterns of Taxonomic RichnessVázquez Rivera, Héctor; Currie, David J.
2014An Aboriginal Perspective of the Influences of Food IntakeSultan-Khan, Maria-Elena; Yaya, Sanni