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2015Application of Sequential Microwave/Aeration Process for the Removal of Ammonia from Landfill LeachateDong, Sainan
2015What Is Bullying? An Empirical Investigation Into the Construct Validity of Bullying as Measured and Defined.McGugan, Margaret Jane
2015L'évaluation de la fiabilité de sites web sur la santé par les usagers réguliers de « l’internet santé » : le cas des étudiants universitairesLevert-Gagnon, Valérie
2015Communication of Dependent Messages Over Compound ChannelsCheng, Zhong
2015A Study to Investigate the Relationship Among Flow, Social Interaction and ICT Skills with Older Adults During GameplayIsrael, Emmanuel
2105Does Increased Self-Compassion Improve Social Anxiety Symptomology? Results from a Mindfulness-Based Intervention for Social Anxiety DisorderThake, Jennifer
2015Formic Acid Decomposition on Cobalt SurfacesSims, Jeffrey J.
2015Invisibilisation et revalorisation : Transformations du sens et des pratiques dans la culture économique en contexte acadien du nord-est du Nouveau-BrunswickEugénie, Boudreau
2015UPPS and the “Criminalization” of Favelas A Challenge to the Comprehension of the Notion of “Public Space” in BrazilRebel Barros, Francisco
2015Linking Parental Support and Parental Control to Physical Activity Participation in Youth: The Mediating Role of Self-efficacy and EnjoymentWing, Erin Katherine
2015Reconstruction and Analysis of 3D Individualized Facial ExpressionsWang, Jing
2015Relationship of Appetite, Olfaction and Food Reward After Roux-en-y Gastric Bypass Surgery: Could This Explain Weight Regain?Brown, Jennifer
2015Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and Sensitive Reproductive Endpoint Measures: Evidence from the MIREC and MIREC-ID Cohort Study in CanadaAgarwal, Amisha
2015Social Discourse, Subjectivity and Spatiality in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight: A Model for Interpreting Virginity NarrativesWhyte, Victoria
2015The Impacts of Petrochemical Activity and Climate Change on Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) Deposition to Lake Sediments of Northwestern CanadaDesjardins, Cyndy
2015Development and Optimization of Novel Platforms for the Production of Recombinant ProteinsPotvin, Gabriel
2015Leisure Lifestyle and Casual Leisure’s Influence on Athletic Identity, Performance and Perception of Hockey in Dropout Amateur Junior Hockey PlayersMacCosham, Bradley
2015Occupational Performance Coaching for Stroke Survivors (OPC-Stroke): A Novel Patient-centered Intervention to Improve Participation in Valued ActivitiesKessler, Dorothy
2015Effect of Salt on Biodegradation of Model Alkanes and Crude Oil Saturates by Hydrocarbon-degrading BacteriaFeng, Yuchi
2015Diving Beneath the Surface: A Phenomenological Exploration of Shark Ecotourism and Environmental Interpretation from the Perspective of TouristsColangelo, Jenna