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2017The Effects of Cam Femoroacetabular Impingement on Mechanical Hip Joint LoadingNg, Kwan-Ching Geoffrey
2017Modeling, Optimization, and Characterization of High Concentration Photovoltaic Systems Using Multijunction Solar CellsSharma, Pratibha
2017Voluntourism Discourse: A Case Study of ME to WEBuchmayer, Kelsey
2017Lung Cancer Risks to Canadians from Residential Radon ExposureCorrigan, Robin
2017Effect of Forming Process on the Deformational Behaviour of Steel PipesTanbakuei Kashani, Majid
2017The New Order in the New World: A Comparison of the Catholic Corporatist Movements in Brazil and Quebec (1931-1945)de Lima Pontes, Clelio Ayrton
2017Development of a Thick Continuum-Based Shell Finite Element for Soft Tissue DynamicsMomenan, Bahareh
2017The Lived Experiences of Mothers of Adolescents who Misuse SubstancesKATOUZIYAN, MASOUMEH
2017Locally Nilpotent Derivations on Polynomial Rings in Two Variables over a Field of Characteristic Zero.Nyobe Likeng, Samuel Aristide
2017Electrical Heating Vest for Heart Failure and/or Hypertension TherapyMeng, Fanqin
2017Impact of the Maturation Status of Osteoblasts on Their Hematopoietic Regulatory ActivityAlsheikh, Manal
2017Investigating Gene-Gene and Gene-Environment Interactions in the Association Between Overnutrition and Obesity-Related PhenotypesTessier, François
2017Knee Stabilisation Strategies During an Isometric Weight-Bearing Force-Matching Task in Males and Females After ACL InjuryDel Bel, Michael
2017An Investigation of Low Temperature Direct Propane Fuel CellsParackal, Bhavana
2017Le droit pénal dans le continuum des soins de santé: Réflexions sur le rôle des acteurs du système judiciaire et sur les mécanismes de protection de l’usager de drogue ou d’alcool dans les formes de prise en charge thérapeutiqueBernier, Dominique
2017Critical Care Nurses’ Experiences of Coping with Moral DistressForozeiya, Dana
2017Un projet de loi caché dans un autre ? C-26, l’expansion des pouvoirs des agents de sécurité privés au nom du droit du citoyen à l’autodéfenseWalter, Stéphane
2017On the Origin of Secosterols Upon Oxidation of CholesterolZopyrus, Nadia
2017Targeting the Process of c-MYC Stabilization in Chronic Myelogenous LeukemiaSunohara, Maxwell
2017Naturewatch Canada: Metadata Analysis for a Citizen-Science Based Monitoring ProgramL'Ecuyer, François