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2014Unruly Extimacy: The Problem of Nature in Hegel's Final SystemFurlotte, Wesley Joseph; Reid, Jeffrey
2014Semi-Persistent Medium Access Control Protocols for Wireless Sensor NetworksGuennoun, Mouhcine; Mouftah, Hussein
2014Elucidating the Key Structural Features of Carbohydrates and Surfactants Necessary for Inhibiting Ice RecrystallizationBalcerzak, Anna; Ben, Robert
2014Fundamentals of Concentration-encoded Molecular CommunicationMahfuz, Mohammad Upal; Makrakis, Dimitrios; Mouftah, Hussein
2014Noise Characteristics for Random Fiber Lasers with Rayleigh Distributed FeedbackSaxena, Bhavaye; Bao, Xiaoyi; Chen, Liang
2014uopStore: an E-commerce Platform with a Peer-to-Peer InfrastructureWang, Sen; Kiringa, Iluju; Yeap, Tet
2014The Association between Peak Resultant Linear Acceleration and Brain Tissue Deformation in American Football-related Helmeted Head ImpactsZanetti, Katrina; Hoshizaki, Thomas
2014Building an Ontology of Community ResilienceNewell, Sarah; O'Sullivan, Tracey; Michalowski, Wojtek
2014Reduction In Skeletal Muscle Chloride Conductance Improves Contractile Force In Wildtype, But Not In Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis MiceHiggins, Amanda; Renaud, Jean-Marc
2014Efficacy and Safety of Bisphosphonates for Fracture Prevention in Osteoporosis: Systematic Reviews and Indirect Treatment ComparisonsMaher, Maurica; Wells, George
2014Recovery Planning Under Canada's Species at Risk ActBrassard, Christopher; Findlay, Scott
2014Community and Economic Development in Arctic Canada (CEDAC) - A Qualitative Study of Resource Development Impacts on Economic and Social Systems in Pond Inlet, NunavutRitsema, Roger; Dawson, Jackie
2014Parenting Goals of Mothers and Fathers of Toddlers and Preschoolers and Mothers and Fathers of AdolescentsHorvath, Catherine; Lee, Catherine
2014Making Things That Look Like Other ThingsKaarsemaker, David; Richards, Catherine
2014Finite Element Modelling and On-Site Measurements for Roof Mounted Photovoltaic Solar Panels under High Wind LoadMehranfar, Shayan; Dragomirescu, Elena
2014Face, Age and Gender Recognition Using Local DescriptorsMousa Pasandi, Mohammad Esmaeel; Laganière, Robert
2014Development of Vesiculovirus-based Therapeutics for Acute LeukemiaConrad, David Paul; Bell, John; Atkins, Harry
2014An Examination of the Impact of Government and Non-Profit Organization Relationship on Prisoner Advocacy and Services in CanadaSokolov, Victor; Piche, Justin
2014Impaired Cardiac cAMP-specific PDE4, β1-AR, and NE in an Ischemia-Reperfusion Rat ModelVaskas, Jonas; DaSilva, Jean
2014Condition Dependence of Sexual Dimorphism in the Antler Fly, Protopiophila litigataOudin, Mathew; Rundle, Howard