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1997Actions manquées et imaginaireVandendorpe, Christian
2012Advertising Democracy: Audience Segmentation and Targeted Emails in the 2012 Presidential ElectionCenaiko, Anne-Marie
2014Agricultural Communication in a Changing Media Environment: A Case Study of the Dairy Farmers of CanadaMcGlynn, Carley M.
1993Agriculture in a pioneer region: The Upper St. John River Valley in the first half of the 19th centuryCraig, Béatrice
2010AIDS and Sacrifice: A Discussion of René Girard’s Scapegoat Theory of Sacrifice, Jean-Luc Nancy’s Unsacrificeable, and Giorgio Agamben’s Homo SacerPump, Andrew
2005Aller-retour : fonction épistémologique et réflexive de l'altérité chez le Diderot de l'EncyclopédieRioux-Beaulne, Mitia
1999Allégorie et interprétationVandendorpe, Christian
2013Anxieties Associated with Disabilities in Music Education and Performance: Recognition to Potential Solutions for AccommodationWatson, Gwen
1998Assessores kaj historiistoj en la malfrua romia imperioGreatrex, Geoffrey
1995Au-delà de la phrase: la grammaire du texteVandendorpe, Christian
2012Baby boomers, their elders and the public libraryCavanagh, Mary; Robbins, Wendy
2005Book Review of "Philosophische Geschlechtertheorien"DeSouza, Nigel
2010Bouleversements sur le front de la lectureVandendorpe, Christian
2007A Brief History of "Gaze"Folkart, Barbara
2013A Brief History of "Gaze"Folkart, Barbara
2011"The call in the thought of Lévinas, Marion and Chrétien: description of a phenomenon or deconstruction of a tradition?"Thomas-Fogiel, Isabelle
2013Change Management in the Public SectorSelvadurai, Amanda
2012Chapeau melon et belgitudeVandendorpe, Christian
2015Charles Taylor and Ethical NaturalismDeSouza, Nigel
1994"Children's Lives and Academic Achievement in Canada and the United States"Gaffield, Chad