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2006A concurrent pilot project approach to approval plansHorava, Tony
22-déc-2015Collaborative Approaches to the Management of Geospatial Data Collections in Canadian Academic Libraries: A Historical Case StudyTrimble, Leanne; Woods, Cheryl; Berish, Francine; Jakubek, Daniel; Simpkin, Sarah
27-aoû-2013Dataset: OA Publication ratesHatherill, Jeanette
2012Direct Ordering by Subject Librarians in a Vendor System: A Case StudyHorava, Tony
2009Ebooks licensing and Canadian copyright legislation: a few considerationsHorava, Tony
2010Google Maps for indexing aerial photograph collectionsForward, Erin; Metcalf, Cameron
2007Initiating the learning process: A model for federated searching and information literacyLabelle, Patrick R.
16-mar-2016The Intersection of Freedom of Information, Privacy Legislation and Library Services in Canadian JurisdictionsJeske, Margo; Intahchomphoo, Channarong; Landriault, Emily; Bioni, Bruno Ricardo
2008Libraries as Publishers; Publishers as Libraries – Where Do We Go From Here?Horava, Tony
mar-2016Making OA monographs happen: Library-Press collaboration at the University of Ottawa, CanadaHorava, Tony
2009Navigating our days in a culture of distractionHorava, Tony
2-aoû-2013Negotiating your copyright with publishersUniversity of Ottawa Library
2-aoû-2013Négocier vos droits d'auteurs avec les éditeursBibliothèque de l'Université d'Ottawa
2006Promouvoir l’atelier en formation documentaire: Concepts et stratégiesLabelle, Patrick R.
16-avr-2015Reading in a Digital Age: Issues and Opportunities - Part OneHorava, Tony
16-sep-2015Renew or Cancel? Applying a Model for Objective Journal EvaluationMoisil, Ingrid
28-fév-2014Risk-taking in Academic Libraries: The Implications of Prospect TheoryHorava, Tony
2005Student information research skills: Report on a Quebec-wide study on information literacyNicholson, Karen; Labelle, Patrick R.
déc-2015Students and the e-book dilemma: a case studyMoisil, Ingrid; Horava, Tony
mar-2015Teaching Students What We Do: A Collection Management CourseHorava, Tony