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201390° SOI optical hybrid for Radio-over-fibre linksAbdul-Majid, Sawsan; Hasan, Imad; Zheng, Qi; Maldonado-Basilio, Ramón; Bidnyk, Serge; Hall, Trevor
2013Acquisition of omnidirectional stereoscopic images and videos of dynamic scenes: a reviewGurrieri, Luis E.; Dubois, Eric
2011Annotation Concept Synthesis and Enrichment Analysis: a Logic-Based Approach to the Interpretation of High-Throughput ExperimentsJiline, Mikhail; Matwin, Stan; Turcotte, Marcel
2011Bit Error Rate Performance of a MIMO-CDMA System Employing Parity-Bit-Selected Spreading in Frequency Nonselective Rayleigh FadingD'Amours, Claude; Dahmane, Adel Omar
aoû-2014CAHR: A Contextually Adaptive Home-Based Rehabilitation FrameworkKarime, Ali; Eid, Mohamad; Dong, Haiwei; Halimi, Mohamad; Gueaieb, Wail; El Saddik, Abdulmotaleb
2008Characterization of the Angle, Delay and Polarization of Multipath Signals for Indoor EnvironmentsGurrieri, Luis E.; Willink, T.; Petosa, A.; Noghanian, S.
1975A circuit analogy method for the design of recursive two-dimensional digital filtersDubois, Eric; Blostein, Maier
mai-2013Computationally Efficient Adaptive Type-2 Fuzzy Control of Flexible-Joint ManipulatorsChaoui, Hicham; Gueaieb, Wail; Biglarbegian, Mohammad; Yagoub, Mustapha
2012Delay-Constrained Admission and Bandwidth Allocation for Long-Reach EPONKantarci, Burak; Mouftah, Hussein T.
2014Depth consistency and vertical disparities in stereoscopic panoramasLuis E. Gurrieri; Eric Dubois
2010Deterministic computations in time-varying graphs: Broadcasting under unstructured mobilityCasteigts, Arnaud; Flocchini, Paola; Mans, Bernard; Santoro, Nicola
2014A Dynamic Networking Substrate for Distributed MMOGsGhaffari, Mohsen; Hariri, Behnoosh; Shirmohammadi, Shervin; Ahmed, Dewan T.
2012Efficient panoramic sampling of real-world environments for image-based stereoscopic telepresenceGurrieri, Luis E.; Dubois, Eric
sep-2011Entropy Filter for Anomaly Detection with Eddy Current Remote Field SensorsSpinello, Davide; Gueaieb, Wail; Lee, Roderick
jui-2011A Fuzzy Logic Approach for Indoor Mobile Robot Navigation Using UKF and Customized RFID CommunicationMiah, Suruz; Gueaieb, Wail
oct-2013A Fuzzy-Based Adaptive Rehabilitation Framework for Home-Based Wrist TrainingKarime, Ali; Eid, Mohamad; Alja'am, Jihad Mohamed; El Saddik, Abdulmotaleb; Gueaieb, Wail
2006High Resolution Spatiotemporal Characterization of Electric Field Polarization for Indoor Wireless EnvironmentsGurrieri, Luis E.; Squires, C.; Noghanian, S.; Willink, T.
2011Improved ISE Identification Under Hardware ConstraintShapiro, Daniel; Bolic, Miodrag
2006Indoor Wireless Reception Improvement Using Cross-polarized Multipath SignalsGurrieri, Luis E.; Noghanian, S.; Willink, T.
2010ITS: An ILP-based combined instruction/task static scheduling algorithmMontcalm, Michael; Shapiro, Daniel; Groza, Voicu; Bolic, Miodrag