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20102001 Immigrant Home Ownership Patterns in Canada’s Census Metropolitan Areas: A Comparison with Non-ImmigrantsWei, Qing hong
12-jan-2011Access to Post-Secondary Education Among Under-Represented and Minority GroupsFinnie, Ross; Childs, Stephen; Wismer, Andrew
31-déc-2014Accident Severity and Young and Old Drivers: Evidence from Saskatchewan 1991-2012Wang, Shuhui
1993Acid Rain in North Americanguyen , Huong
2013Addressing the Determinant factors and Actors’ Perceptions of High- Skilled Migration from Sub-Saharan Africa:Diallo, Djibril
2013Adjusting for Human Capital Quality Differences in the Immigrant Wage Gap in Quebec and the Rest of CanadaForsey, Thomas
1989Adjustment and development Strategies in the Midst of Falling oil Revenue: The Case of the United Arab EmiratesKahlid, Khalid r.
2013Administration of neuropsychological tests using interactive voice response technology in the elderly: validation and limitationsMiller, Delyana Ivanova; Talbot, Vincent; Gagnon, Michèle; Messier, Claude
2013Afghanistan, The First Five Years: The Source of Future InsecurityLarkin, Dave
2005African-Canadian Women and the Battered Woman SyndromeRylands, Karla
1999Agency cost and the crisis of China's soeZhou, Mi
2010Aging and Retirement Trends in the Canadian Federal Public Service 1997-2017Jan, Naser
2001Aging and Saving: Will the change of age stucture reduce household saving in Japan?Sulitang , Dila
2003Aging population impact on health care expenditures in CanadaLai, Wan man ava
2004Aging VS Immigration: A General Equilibrium Investigation on an Increased Immigration on the Canadian EconomyHanna, Jason,
1988Agricultural Development of EgyptTabet, Mounir
29-aoû-2014Agricultural Production and Labour in the Women’s Prison Farm of El SalvadorHidalgo, Jaime
2014All that glitters is not gold: The shaping of contemporary journal peer review at scientific and medical journalsGaudet, Joanne J.
2013Americanization as Global Politics: The United States Government’s use of Disney as a Cultural Ambassador in Latin America During World War TwoPlitong, Ashley
2013Americanization as Global Politics: The United States Government's use of Disney as a Cultural Ambassador in Latin America During World War TwoPlitong , Ashley