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1-Oct-2014Health Sciences (HSS) Buddy Program: Evaluation of its First YearAbdul-Fattah, Mostafa; Hafizi, Rita; Abdul-Fattah, Hiba; Gulati, Sonia; Deonandan, Raywat
1-Oct-2014The Epidemiology of Ophthalmological Disease Among School Age Children in Rural IndiaVelkers, Clive; Turpin, MacKenzie; Deonandan, Raywat
18-Apr-2013Acculturation and nutritional health of immigrants in Canada: a scoping reviewSanou, Dia; O'Reilly, Erin; Ngnie-Teta, Ismael; Batal, Malek; Mondain, Nathalie; Andrew, Caroline; Newbold, Bruce K; Bourgeault, Ivy L
16-Jul-2014Demographic Profile of Travellers Seeking Reproductive Tourism ServicesDeonandan, Raywat; DiRaimo, Samantha
Jun-2014Shifting the birth weight paradigmKhir, Loae; Deonandan, Raywat
2014Village health worker training for complications of labor and delivery in rural Maharashtra, IndiaPeterson, Wynn; Deonandan, Raywat; Arole, S; Premkumar, R
2014L’essor des maladies non transmissibles dans les pays en développement : nouveau destin, nouvelles prioritésYaya, Sanni; Kengne, André
2014L’hypertension artérielle en Afrique : présent et nouvelles perspectivesYaya, Sanni; Kengne, Andre
2014A Demographic Analysis of the Seekers of Cross Border Reproductive Care: A Literature ReviewDiRaimo, S; Deonandan, R
2014Characteristics of a Transcultural Ethical Framework for Cross-border Reproductive Tourism: Insights from Existing StudiesDeonandan, R; Taber, S
2014Health Professionals in the 21st Century: Results from an Inter Professional and Multi-institutional Global Health Competencies Survey (A Pilot Study).Veras, M; Pottie, K; Deonandan, R; Welch, V; Ramsay, T; Tugwell, P
2014Building health research infrastructure in RwandaBinagwaho, A; Condo, J; Ndahindwa, V; Kakindi, I; Ribakare, M; Kizito, K; Remera, E; Niyonzima, S; Mukabutera, A; Ngabo, B; Kamwesiga, J; Elysee, T; Ntirenganya, J; Regis, H; Dieudonne, S; Kubwimana, M; Wilson, C; Boerstra, L; Habiyaremye, F; Monique, M; Umulisa, I; Nsanzimana, S; Ribakare, R; Nzabahimana, I; Rugigana, E; Harerimana, J; Birindabagabo, P; Joseph, S; Munyaburanga, C; Kiregu, J; Kinani, P; Deonandan, R; Nachega, J; Kanters, S; Mutabazi, V; Nsigaye, M; Seruyange, E; Kakoma, J; Mills, E
2013A pilot study: research poster presentations as an educational tool for undergraduate epidemiology studentsDeonandan, R; Gomes, J; Lavigne, E; Dinh, T; Blanchard, R
2014Family Physicians’ Sharing of Personal Information on FacebookPremji, Kamila; Deonandan, Raywat; Nwosu, Andrea
2014Assisted Reproduction and Cross-Border Maternal Surrogacy Regulations in Selected NationsDeonandan, Raywat; Bente, Andreea
2013Obamacare and American National IdentityDeonandan, Raywat
2013Le paludisme en Afrique entre avancée des parasites et progrès mondiaux : expériences et enseignementsYaya, Sanni
2013Le paludisme: Repères historiques, climatiques et anthropiquesYaya, Sanni
2012Visibility of Nutrition Research and Dissemination Challenges in French Speaking Sub-Saharan Africa: A Bibliometric AnalysisNgnie-Teta, Ismael; Sanou, Dia
2012Lamin A/C Mutants Disturb Sumo1 Localization and Sumoylation in Vitro and in VivoBoudreau, Émilie; Labib, Sarah; Bertrand, Anne T.; Decostre, Valérie; Bolongo, Pierrette M.; Sylvius, Nicolas; Bonne, Gisèle; Tesson, Frédérique