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31-Dec-2014A fiducial continuum from confidence sets to empirical Bayes set estimates as the number of comparisons increasesBickel, David R.
7-May-2015A note on fiducial model averaging as an alternative to checking Bayesian and frequentist modelsBickel, David R.
23-Jul-2012A prior-free framework of coherent inference and its derivation of simple shrinkage estimatorsBickel, David R.
31-Dec-2015Bayesian revision of a prior given prior-data conflict, expert opinion, or a similar insight: A large-deviation approachBickel, David R.
30-Jul-2012Blending Bayesian and frequentist methods according to the precision of prior information with applications to hypothesis testingBickel, David R.
30-Aug-2010Eigenvalue and entropy statistics for products of conjugate random quantum channelsNechita, Ion; Collins, BenoƮt
13-Mar-2015Empirical Bayes and fiducial effect-size estimation for small numbers of testsPadilla, Marta; Bickel, David R.
11-May-2015Finding a Peter-Weyl Basis for Small Representations of O_N^+McDonald, Alexander
22-May-2014Inference after checking multiple Bayesian models for data conflictBickel, David R.
31-Dec-2014Model fusion and multiple testing in the likelihood paradigm: Shrinkage and evidence supporting a point null hypothesisBickel, David R.
31-Jul-2014Pattern equivariant cohomology and deformations of tilingsMcDonald, Alexander
19-Aug-2014Self-consistent confidence sets and tests of composite hypotheses applicable to restricted parametersBickel, David R.
9-Feb-2015Supplement to "Model fusion and multiple testing under the laws of likelihood: Shrinkage and evidence supporting a point null hypothesis"Bickel, David R.