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28-Jul-20102010 International consensus algorithm for the diagnosis, therapy and management of hereditary angioedemaBowen, Tom; Cicardi, Marco; Farkas, Henriette; Bork, Konrad; Longhurst, Hilary J; Zuraw, Bruce; Aygoeren-Pürsün, Emel; Craig, Timothy; Binkley, Karen; Hebert, Jacques; Ritchie, Bruce; Bouillet, Laurence; Betschel, Stephen; Cogar, Della; Dean, John; Devaraj, Ramachand; Hamed, Azza; Kamra, Palinder; Keith, Paul K; Lacuesta, Gina; Leith, Eric; Lyons, Harriet; Mace, Sean; Mako, Barbara; Neurath, Doris; Poon, Man-Chiu; Rivard, Georges-Etienne; Schellenberg, Robert; Rowan, Dereth; Rowe, Anne; Stark, Donald; Sur, Smeeksha; Tsai, Ellie; Warrington, Richard; Waserman, Susan; Ameratunga, Rohan; Bernstein, Jonathan; Björkander, Janne; Brosz, Kristylea; Brosz, John; Bygum, Anette; Caballero, Teresa; Frank, Mike; Fust, George; Harmat, George; Kanani, Amin; Kreuz, Wolfhart; Levi, Marcel; Li, Henry; Martinez-Saguer, Inmaculada; Moldovan, Dumitru; Nagy, Istvan; Nielsen, Erik W; Nordenfelt, Patrik; Reshef, Avner; Rusicke, Eva; Smith-Foltz, Sarah; Späth, Peter; Varga, Lilian; Yu Xiang, Zhi
27-Nov-20153D Printing in Medicine: an introductory message from the Editor-in-ChiefRybicki, Frank J
20125S rRNA Gene Arrangements in Protists: A Case of Nonadaptive EvolutionDrouin, Guy; Tsang, Corey
20-Sep-201682Rb PET imaging of myocardial blood flow—have we achieved the 4 “R”s to support routine use?deKemp, Robert A; Klein, Ran; Beanlands, Rob S B
19-Mar-201390° SOI optical hybrid for Radio-over-fibre linksAbdul-Majid, Sawsan; Hasan, Imad; Zheng, Qi; Maldonado-Basilio, Ramón; Bidnyk, Serge; Hall, Trevor
8-May-2013A brief tool to assess capacity to consent for medical care among homeless individuals with problematic substance use: study protocolTaylor, Darlene; Masse, Louise; Ho, Anita; Rekart, Michael L; Tyndall, Mark; Henry, Bonnie; Clifton, Joanne; Peters, Laurenna; Ogilvie, Gina; Buxton, Jane
24-Aug-2012A case of a young girl with Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS), dysmorphic features, short stature, and developmental delay – Is there a link?Parker, Torrey M.; Bassal, Mylene; Klaassen, Robert; Nikkel, Sarah M.; Cada, Michaela; Johnston, Donna L.
1-Feb-2017A catalyst for system change: a case study of child health network formation, evolution and sustainability in CanadaMcPherson, Charmaine; Ploeg, Jenny; Edwards, Nancy; Ciliska, Donna; Sword, Wendy
16-Dec-2011A cluster randomised trial of educational messages to improve the primary care of diabetesFoy, Robbie; Eccles, Martin P; Hrisos, Susan; Hawthorne, Gillian; Steen, Nick; Gibb, Ian; Croal, Bernard; Grimshaw, Jeremy
13-Jun-2013A comparative assessment of three formulations of botulinum toxin A for facial rhytides: a systematic review and meta-analysesBonaparte, James P; Ellis, David; Quinn, Jason G; Ansari, Mohammed T; Rabski, Jessica; Kilty, Shaun J
4-Jan-2011A comparative examination of tuberculosis immigration medical screening programs from selected countries with high immigration and low tuberculosis incidence ratesAlvarez, Gonzalo G; Gushulak, Brian; Rumman, Khaled A; Altpeter, Ekkehardt; Chemtob, Daniel; Douglas, Paul; Erkens, Connie; Helbling, Peter; Hamilton, Ingrid; Jones, Jane; Matteelli, Alberto; Paty, Marie-Claire; Posey, Drew L; Sagebiel, Daniel; Slump, Erika; Tegnell, Anders; Valín, Elena R; Winje, Brita A; Ellis, Edward
4-Jul-2011A comprehensive introduction to the genetic basis of non-syndromic hearing loss in the Saudi Arabian populationImtiaz, Faiqa; Taibah, Khalid; Ramzan, Khushnooda; Bin-Khamis, Ghada; Kennedy, Shelley; Al-Mubarak, Bashayer; Trabzuni, Daniah; Allam, Rabab; Al-Mostafa, Abeer; Sogaty, Sameera; Al-Shaikh, Abdulmoneem H; Bamukhayyar, Saeed S; Meyer, Brian F; Al-Owain, Mohammed
31-Jan-2011A conceptual framework for interprofessional shared decision making in home care: Protocol for a feasibility studyLégaré, France; Stacey, Dawn; Brière, Nathalie; Desroches, Sophie; Dumont, Serge; Fraser, Kimberley; Murray, Mary-Anne; Sales, Anne; Aubé, Denise
11-Nov-2016A continuous analog of run length distributions reflecting accumulated fractionation eventsYu, Zhe; Sankoff, David
21-Sep-2012A cross-country comparison of intensive care physicians’ beliefs about their transfusion behaviour: A qualitative study using the theoretical domains frameworkIslam, Rafat; Tinmouth, Alan T; Francis, Jill J; Brehaut, Jamie C; Born, Jennifer; Stockton, Charlotte; Stanworth, Simon J; Eccles, Martin P; Cuthbertson, Brian H; Hyde, Chris; Grimshaw, Jeremy M
23-May-2014A cross-sectional examination of socio-demographic and school-level correlates of children’s school travel mode in Ottawa, CanadaLarouche, Richard; Chaput, Jean-Philippe; Leduc, Geneviève; Boyer, Charles; Bélanger, Priscilla; LeBlanc, Allana G; Borghese, Michael M; Tremblay, Mark S
13-Feb-2014A cross-sectional, population-based study measuring comorbidity among people living with HIV in OntarioKendall, Claire E; Wong, Jenna; Taljaard, Monica; Glazier, Richard H; Hogg, William; Younger, Jaime; Manuel, Douglas G
15-Feb-2015A cross-sectional, population-based study of HIV physicians and outpatient health care use by people with HIV in OntarioKendall, Claire E; Wong, Jenna; Taljaard, Monica; Glazier, Richard H; Hogg, William; Younger, Jaime; Manuel, Douglas G
31-Jul-2014A Delphi survey to determine how educational interventions for evidence-based practice should be reported: Stage 2 of the development of a reporting guidelinePhillips, Anna C; Lewis, Lucy K; McEvoy, Maureen P; Galipeau, James; Glasziou, Paul; Hammick, Marilyn; Moher, David; Tilson, Julie K; Williams, Marie T
17-Apr-2014A Density Model for a Population of Theta NeuronsDumont, Grégory; Henry, Jacques; Tarniceriu, Carmen O
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