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28-Sep-2013A review of phosphate mineral nucleation in biology and geobiologyOmelon, Sidney; Ariganello, Marianne; Bonucci, Ermanno; Grynpas, Marc; Nanci, Antonio
4-Sep-2013Reflex testing for Lynch syndrome: if we build it, will they come? Lessons learned from the uptake of clinical genetics services by individuals with newly diagnosed colorectal cancer (CRC)Tomiak, E; Samson, A; Spector, N; Mackey, M; Gilpin, C; Smith, E; Jonker, D; Allanson, J; Asmis, T
12-Sep-2013Adverse events related to emergency department care: a systematic reviewStang, Antonia S; Wingert, Aireen S; Hartling, Lisa; Plint, Amy C
17-Sep-2013How do emergency physicians make discharge decisions?Calder, Lisa A; Arnason, Trevor; Vaillancourt, Christian; Perry, Jeffrey J; Stiell, Ian G; Forster, Alan J
14-Aug-2013The role of aquaporin and tight junction proteins in the regulation of water movement in larval zebrafish (Danio rerio)Kwong, Raymond W M; Kumai, Yusuke; Perry, Steve F
20-Aug-2013A qualitative study of Ottawa university students' awareness, knowledge and perceptions of infertility, infertility risk factors and assisted reproductive technologies (ART)Sabarre, Kelley-Anne; Khan, Zainab; Whitten, Amanda N; Remes, Olivia; Phillips, Karen P
29-Jul-2013Self-specific stimuli interact differently than non-self-specific stimuli with eyes-open versus eyes-closed spontaneous activity in auditory cortexQin, Pengmin; Grimm, Simone; Duncan, Niall W; Holland, Giles; Guo, Jia Shen; Fan, Yan; Weigand, Anne; Baudewig, Juergen; Bajbouj, Malek; Northoff, Georg
10-Aug-2013Into the abyss: diabetes process of care indicators and outcomes of defaulters from a Canadian tertiary care multidisciplinary diabetes clinicMalcolm, Janine C; Maranger, Julie; Taljaard, Monica; Shah, Baiju; Tailor, Chetna; Liddy, Clare; Keely, Erin; Ooi, Teik
Jun-2013Do obese children perceive submaximal and maximal exertion differently?Belanger, Kevin; Breithaupt, Peter; Ferraro, Zachary M; Barrowman, Nick; Rutherford, Jane; Hadjiyannakis, Stasia; Colley, Rachel C; Adamo, Kristi B
2013Effects of hypoxia-induced gill remodelling on the innervation and distribution of ionocytes in the gill of goldfish, Carassius auratusTzaneva, Velislava; Vadeboncoeur, Claudia; Ting, Jaimee; Perry, Steve F
2013Hemispheric differences in corticospinal excitability and in transcallosal inhibition in relation to degree of handednessDavidson, Travis; Tremblay, François
23-Sep-2013Early Child Care Effects on Later Behavioral Outcomes Using a Canadian Nation-Wide SampleBabchishin, Lyzon K; Weegar, Kelly; Romano, Elisa
10-Apr-2013Assessing the Influence of the Transition from Primary to Secondary School on the Volume of Active School Transport and Physical Activity: A Prospective Pilot-StudyLarouche, Richard; EJ Faulkner, Guy; Tremblay, Mark S
21-May-2013Vibrations due to Flow-Driven Repeated ImpactsJeong, Sumin; Baddour, Natalie
19-Jun-2013Big Science vs. Little Science: How Scientific Impact Scales with FundingFortin, Jean-Michel; Currie, David J
1-Apr-2013Attentional Demands in the Execution Phase of Curling in Novices and ExpertsLajoie, Yves; Shank, Véronique
30-May-2013Tissue-specific splicing of a ubiquitously expressed transcription factor is essential for muscle differentiationSebastian, Soji; Faralli, Hervé; Yao, Zizhen; Rakopoulos, Patricia; Palii, Carmen; Cao, Yi; Singh, Kulwant; Liu, Qi-Cai; Chu, Alphonse; Aziz, Arif; Brand, Marjorie; Tapscott, Stephen J; Dilworth, F Jeffrey
10-May-2013Differential effects of PCSK9 loss of function variants on serum lipid and PCSK9 levels in Caucasian and African Canadian populationsMayne, Janice; Ooi, Teik Chye; Raymond, Angela; Cousins, Marion; Bernier, Lise; Dewpura, Thilina; Sirois, Francine; Mbikay, Majambu; Davignon, Jean; Chrétien, Michel
4-May-2013Physical activity and sedentary behavior during the early years in Canada: a cross-sectional studyColley, Rachel C; Garriguet, Didier; Adamo, Kristi B; Carson, Valerie; Janssen, Ian; Timmons, Brian W; Tremblay, Mark S
14-Jun-2013Active video games and health indicators in children and youth: a systematic reviewLeBlanc, Allana G; Chaput, Jean-Philippe; McFarlane, Allison; Colley, Rachel C; Thivel, David; Biddle, Stuart J H; Maddison, Ralph; Leatherdale, Scott T; Tremblay, Mark S