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2013Effects of hypoxia-induced gill remodelling on the innervation and distribution of ionocytes in the gill of goldfish, Carassius auratusTzaneva, Velislava; Vadeboncoeur, Claudia; Ting, Jaimee; Perry, Steve F
2013Hemispheric differences in corticospinal excitability and in transcallosal inhibition in relation to degree of handednessDavidson, Travis; Tremblay, François
23-Sep-2013Early Child Care Effects on Later Behavioral Outcomes Using a Canadian Nation-Wide SampleBabchishin, Lyzon K; Weegar, Kelly; Romano, Elisa
10-Apr-2013Assessing the Influence of the Transition from Primary to Secondary School on the Volume of Active School Transport and Physical Activity: A Prospective Pilot-StudyLarouche, Richard; EJ Faulkner, Guy; Tremblay, Mark S
21-May-2013Vibrations due to Flow-Driven Repeated ImpactsJeong, Sumin; Baddour, Natalie
19-Jun-2013Big Science vs. Little Science: How Scientific Impact Scales with FundingFortin, Jean-Michel; Currie, David J
1-Apr-2013Attentional Demands in the Execution Phase of Curling in Novices and ExpertsLajoie, Yves; Shank, Véronique
30-May-2013Tissue-specific splicing of a ubiquitously expressed transcription factor is essential for muscle differentiationSebastian, Soji; Faralli, Hervé; Yao, Zizhen; Rakopoulos, Patricia; Palii, Carmen; Cao, Yi; Singh, Kulwant; Liu, Qi-Cai; Chu, Alphonse; Aziz, Arif; Brand, Marjorie; Tapscott, Stephen J; Dilworth, F Jeffrey
10-May-2013Differential effects of PCSK9 loss of function variants on serum lipid and PCSK9 levels in Caucasian and African Canadian populationsMayne, Janice; Ooi, Teik Chye; Raymond, Angela; Cousins, Marion; Bernier, Lise; Dewpura, Thilina; Sirois, Francine; Mbikay, Majambu; Davignon, Jean; Chrétien, Michel
4-May-2013Physical activity and sedentary behavior during the early years in Canada: a cross-sectional studyColley, Rachel C; Garriguet, Didier; Adamo, Kristi B; Carson, Valerie; Janssen, Ian; Timmons, Brian W; Tremblay, Mark S
14-Jun-2013Active video games and health indicators in children and youth: a systematic reviewLeBlanc, Allana G; Chaput, Jean-Philippe; McFarlane, Allison; Colley, Rachel C; Thivel, David; Biddle, Stuart J H; Maddison, Ralph; Leatherdale, Scott T; Tremblay, Mark S
14-May-2013Teaching and assessing procedural skills: a qualitative studyTouchie, Claire; Humphrey-Murto, Susan; Varpio, Lara
5-Jun-2013Integrin-linked kinase regulates process extension in oligodendrocytes via control of actin cytoskeletal dynamicsO'Meara, Ryan W; Michalski, John-Paul; Anderson, Carrie; Bhanot, Kunal; Rippstein, Peter; Kothary, Rashmi
-Can anonymous posters on medical forums be reidentified?Bobicev, Victoria; Sokolova, Marina; El Emam, Khaled; Jafer, Yasser; Dewar, Brian; Jonker, Elizabeth; Matwin, Stan
2013Seven to eight hours of sleep a night is associated with a lower prevalence of the metabolic syndrome and reduced overall cardiometabolic risk in adultsChaput, Jean-Philippe; McNeil, Jessica; Després, Jean-Pierre; Bouchard, Claude; Tremblay, Angelo
2013Influenza A/Hong Kong/156/1997(H5N1) virus NS1 gene mutations F103L and M106I both increase IFN antagonism, virulence and cytoplasmic localization but differ in binding to RIG-I and CPSF30Dankar, Samar K; Miranda, Elena; Forbes, Nicole E; Pelchat, Martin; Tavassoli, Ali; Selman, Mohammed; Ping, Jihui; Jia, Jianjun; Brown, Earl G
2013Rectal prolapse associated with anorexia nervosa: a case report and review of the literatureMitchell, Nadine; Norris, Mark L
2013Learning contrast-invariant cancellation of redundant signals in neural systemsMejias, Jorge F; Marsat, Gary; Bol, Kieran; Maler, Leonard; Longtin, André
2013Do physiological and pathological stresses produce different changes in heart rate variability?Bravi, Andrea; Green, Geoffrey; Herry, Christophe; Wright, Heather E; Longtin, André; Kenny, Glen P; Seely, Andrew J E
2013A systematic review of the use of theory in randomized controlled trials of audit and feedbackColquhoun, Heather L; Brehaut, Jamie C; Sales, Anne; Ivers, Noah; Grimshaw, Jeremy; Michie, Susan; Carroll, Kelly; Chalifoux, Mathieu; Eva, Kevin W