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28-May-2013Alternative sigma factor over-expression enables heterologous expression of a type II polyketide biosynthetic pathway in Escherichia coliStevens, David Cole; Conway, Kyle R; Pearce, Nelson; Villegas-Peñaranda, Luis Roberto; Garza, Anthony G; Boddy, Christopher N
14-May-2013Microbial community structure of three traditional zambian fermented products: mabisi, chibwantu and munkoyoSchoustra, Sijmen E; Kasase, Chitundu; Toarta, Cristian; Kassen, Rees; Poulain, Alexandre J
4-Nov-2013Radiotherapy after radical prostatectomy: treatment recommendations differ between urologists and radiation oncologistsLavallée, Luke T; Fergusson, Dean; Mallick, Ranjeeta; Grenon, Renée; Morgan, Scott C; Momoli, Franco; Witiuk, Kelsey; Morash, Chris; Cagiannos, Ilias; Breau, Rodney H
16-Apr-2013The liver connexin32 interactome is a novel plasma membrane-mitochondrial signaling nexusFowler, Stephanie L; Akins, Mark; Zhou, Hu; Figeys, Daniel; Bennett, Steffany A L
10-Jun-2013Perceptions and experiences of environmental health risks among new mothers: a qualitative study in Ontario, CanadaCrighton, E J; Brown, C; Baxter, J; Lemyre, L; Masuda, J R; Ursitti, F
18-Apr-2013Acculturation and nutritional health of immigrants in Canada: a scoping reviewSanou, Dia; O'Reilly, Erin; Ngnie-Teta, Ismael; Batal, Malek; Mondain, Nathalie; Andrew, Caroline; Newbold, Bruce K; Bourgeault, Ivy L
5-Apr-2013DAMBE5: a comprehensive software package for data analysis in molecular biology and evolutionXia, Xuhua
25-Apr-2013eLearning among Canadian anesthesia residents: a survey of podcast use and content needsMatava, Clyde T; Rosen, Derek; Siu, Eric; Bould, Dylan M
18-Apr-2013The influence of social support on hematopoietic stem cell transplantation survival: a systematic review of literatureBeattie, Sara; Lebel, Sophie; Tay, Jason
25-Jun-2013Age and hemispheric differences in transcallosal inhibition between motor cortices: an ispsilateral silent period studyDavidson, Travis; Tremblay, François
17-Jan-2013Association between socioeconomic status and adverse events following immunization at 2, 4, 6 and 12 monthsWilson, Kumanan; Ducharme, Robin; Hawken, Steven
2013Growth curves in short supply: a descriptive study of the availability and utility of growth curve data in adolescents with eating disordersHarrison, Megan E; Obeid, Nicole; Fu, Maeghan C Y; Norris, Mark L
2013Predictors of relational continuity in primary care: patient, provider and practice factorsKristjansson, Elizabeth; Hogg, William; Dahrouge, Simone; Tuna, Meltem; Mayo-Bruinsma, Liesha; Gebremichael, Goshu
2012Do technical skills correlate with non-technical skills in crisis resource management: a simulation studyRiem, N; Boet, S; Bould, M D; Tavares, W; Naik, V N
2013Helping youth sport coaches integrate psychological skills in their coaching practiceMartin, Camiré; Pierre, Trudel
2013Using High School Football to Promote Life Skills and Student Engagement: Perspectives from Canadian Coaches and StudentsMartin, Camiré; Pierre, Trudel
2013Today and in Perpetuity: A Canadian Consortial Strategy for Owning and Hosting EbooksHorava, Tony
2013Achieving the “triple aim” for inborn errors of metabolism: a review of challenges to outcomes research and presentation of a new practice-based evidence frameworkPotter, Beth K.; Chakraborty, Pranesh; Kronick, Jonathan B.; Wilson, Kumanan; Coyle, Doug; Feigenbaum, Annette; Geraghty, Michael T.; Karaceper, Maria D.; Little, Julian; Mhanni, Aizeddin; Mitchell, John J.; Siriwardena, Komudi; Wilson, Brenda J.; Syrowatka, Ania
2013Considerations for a Professional Development Program to Support iPads in Higher Education TeachingHogue, Rebecca J.
2013The Influence of Social Support on Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Survival: A Systematic Review of LiteratureBeattie, Sara; Lebel, Sophie; Tay, Jason