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2013Helping youth sport coaches integrate psychological skills in their coaching practiceMartin, Camiré; Pierre, Trudel
2013Using High School Football to Promote Life Skills and Student Engagement: Perspectives from Canadian Coaches and StudentsMartin, Camiré; Pierre, Trudel
2013Today and in Perpetuity: A Canadian Consortial Strategy for Owning and Hosting EbooksHorava, Tony
2013Achieving the “triple aim” for inborn errors of metabolism: a review of challenges to outcomes research and presentation of a new practice-based evidence frameworkPotter, Beth K.; Chakraborty, Pranesh; Kronick, Jonathan B.; Wilson, Kumanan; Coyle, Doug; Feigenbaum, Annette; Geraghty, Michael T.; Karaceper, Maria D.; Little, Julian; Mhanni, Aizeddin; Mitchell, John J.; Siriwardena, Komudi; Wilson, Brenda J.; Syrowatka, Ania
2013Considerations for a Professional Development Program to Support iPads in Higher Education TeachingHogue, Rebecca J.
2013The Influence of Social Support on Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Survival: A Systematic Review of LiteratureBeattie, Sara; Lebel, Sophie; Tay, Jason
2013Efficient induction of spawning of Northern leopard frogs (Lithobates pipiens) during and outside the natural breeding seasonTrudeau, Vance L; Schueler, Frederick W; Navarro-Martin, Laia; Hamilton, Christine K; Bulaeva, Elizabeth; Bennett, Amanda; Fletcher, William; Taylor, Lisa
2013Accuracy of physical examination versus ultrasound in the detection of hepatosplenomegaly at diagnosis of pediatric leukemiaCyr, Janelle; Johnston, Donna L.
2012Do technical skills correlate with non-technical skills in crisisRiem, N.; Boet, S.; Bould, M. D.; Tavares, W.; Naik, V. N.
2013The Liver Connexin32 Interactome Is a Novel Plasma Membrane-Fowler, Stephanie L.; Akins, Mark; Zhou, Hu; Figeys, Daniel; Bennett, Steffany A.L.
2012Discovery, optimization and validation of an optimal DNA-binding sequence for the Six1 homeodomain transcription factorLiu, Yubing; Nandi, Soumyadeep; Martel, André; Antoun, Alen; Ioshikhes, Ilya; Blais, Alexandre
2013Chronic Care Model Decision Support and Clinical Information Systems Interventions for People Living with HIV: A Systematic ReviewPasricha, Anjori; Deinstadt, Roo T. M.; Moher, David; Killoran, Amanda; Rourke, Sean B.; Kendall, Claire E.
2012Interrogating scarcity: how to think about ‘resource-scarce settings’Schrecker, Ted
2013Social Role Valorization in Community Mental Health Housing: Does it Contribute to the Community Integration and Life Satisfaction of People with Psychiatric Disabilities?Aubry, Tim; Flynn, Robert J.; Virley, Barb; Neri, Jaclynne
2013Identifying the Patterns of Emergency Shelter Stays of Single Individuals in Canadian Cities of Different SizesAubry, Tim; Farrell, Susan; Hwang, Stephen W.; Calhoun, Melissa
2013Expression of sall4 in Taste Buds of ZebrafishJackson, Robyn; Braubach, Oliver R.; Bilkey, Jessica; Zhang, Jing; Akimenko, Marie-Andr ee; Fine, Alan; Croll, Roger P.; Jonz, Michael G.
2013Respiratory infection of mice with mammalian reoviruses causes systemic infection with age and strain dependent pneumonia and encephalitisGauvin, Lianne; Bennett, Steffany; Liu, Hong; Hakimi, Mansoureh; Schlossmacher, Michael; Majithia, Jay; Brown, Earl G
2013Pituitary hyperplasia: a complication of the pseudomalabsorption of thyroxineDoyle, Mary-Anne; Lochnan, Heather A
2013The association between accelerometer-measured patterns of sedentary time and health risk in children and youth: results from the Canadian Health Measures SurveyColley, Rachel C; Garriguet, Didier; Janssen, Ian; Wong, Suzy L; Saunders, Travis J; Carson, Valerie; Tremblay, Mark S
2013Findings of a Formative Evaluation of a Transitional Housing Program for Forensic Patients Discharged into the CommunityCherner, Rebecca; Nandlal, Joan; Ecker, John; Aubry, Tim; Pettey, Donna