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2015Past and Future Sea-Level Changes in French PolynesiaBotella, Albéric
2015Rhodiola Rosea L.- An Evaluation of Safety and Efficacy in the Context of a Neurological Disorder, Alzheimer DiseaseAhmed, Fida Al Noor
2015The Role of CCAAT/Enhancer Binding Protein Beta (C/EBPβ) in Skeletal Muscle Satellite Cells after Injury and in Cancer CachexiaMarchildon, François
2015The Impact of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis on the Health of CanadiansOmar, Sabrina
2015Genome-Wide Screen Identifies Novel Genes Involved in Mitochondrial Quality ControlNg, Cheuk-Him (Andy)
2015Adsorption Separation of CO2 from CO in Syngas: Improving the Conversion of the Reverse Water Gas Shift ReactionWilson, Sean M. W.
2015Binaural Beamforming with Spatial Cues PreservationAs'ad, Hala
2015Refugee Women's Experiences With Sexual Violence and Their Post-Migration Needs in CanadaSilva, Jessica
2015Synthesis and Complexation of Nitrogen-rich MaterialsSebastiao, Elena
2015Repair of Conductive Layer on Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composite with Cold Gas Dynamic SprayCormier, Daniel
2015Arctic Shipping in Canada: Analysis of Sea Ice, Shipping, and Vessel Track ReconstructionPizzolato, Larissa Anna Vincenza
2015Antagonism Between Trastuzumab and Oncolytic VSV is Overcome by Conjugation to a Microtubule DestabilizerGarcia, Vanessa
2015Repair of Aluminum Alloy Aerospace Components and Cold Gas Dynamic Spray Flow Distribution StudyNastic, Aleksandra
2015The Activity of Analogs of the Natural Product Dillapiol and Sessamol as Detoxification Enzyme Inhibitors and Insecticide SynergistsLiu, Su Qi
2015PCSK9 and Its Variants: An Unbiased Global Proteomic Study to Identify Interactors and Effects on Protein TraffickingChu, Ge
2015Measurement and Separation of Sterol Glycosides in Biodiesel and FAMEMontpetit, Alessandro
2015Development of an Acid Gas Adsorbent for CO2 Removal with Increased Performance in the Presence of MoistureHarlick, Peter
2015Low Birth Weight is Associated with Impaired Skeletal and Cardiac Muscle Energetics in Adult MiceBeauchamp, Brittany
2015Characterizing the Role of NuA4 in Glucose Deprivation Stress Granule Assembly and Acetyl-CoA Signaling in YeastRollins, Meaghen
2015Expression Levels of E-cadherin in Breast Cancer Cells Alter Apoptotic Susceptibility and Facilitate Cancer Stem Cell Phenotypes in Response to Wnt SignallingOoi, Sarah