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2016Characterization and Elucidation of Genomic Modifiers of DJ-1 and LRRK2 Animal Models of Parkinson’s DiseaseMarcogliese, Paul C.
2016Sources and Pathways of Radiogenic Elements in Surface Media Above the Millennium and McArthur River Uranium Deposits in the Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan, CanadaDevine, Mary Cecilia
2016Back to the Future: The Role of Possible Selves in Developing a Physical Activity Identity in Newly Retired IndividualsPerras, Mélanie G.M.
2016β1 Integrin Regulates PC3 Prostate Cancer Cell Phenotypes in part via Regulation of Matricellular SPARCBugiel, Steven
2016The Response of the Glycerophosphocholine Metabolite Lipidome to Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis and Cycling Female Sex Hormones in the Hippocampus and Temporal-Parietal-Entorhinal Cortex of Female MiceSherman, Samantha
2016The Influence of Body Shape Perception on Physical Activity, Screen Time, and Eating in Black School-Aged Immigrant ChildrenGunter, Ashley
2016The Role of Atypical E2fs in the Maintenance and Development of the Ependymal Cell BarrierDugal-Tessier, Delphie
2016A Philanthropic Fix to Education? A Case Study of a Corporate Foundation in IndiaBaur, Lianna
2016A Multi-Vendor Model for Authenticating Electric Vehicles in Smart Grid Systems Using RSA and ECCKhan, Ehsanul
2016Binaural Beamforming Robust to Errors in Direction of Arrival EstimatesKhayeri, Parinaz
2016Simvastatin Encapsulation in Alginate-Based MicrospheresParsian, Ava
2016Sustainable Groundwater Management in Lagos, Nigeria: The Regulatory Framework"Ogunba, Adebola
2016Isomerization in Olefin Metathesis: Challenges and OpportunitiesHigman, Carolyn Sarah
2016Studying Transmembrane Helix Interactions in SDS micellesQureshi, Tabussom
2016Metabolic Syndrome and Chronic Disease in Canada: The Role of Material, Psychosocial, and Behavioural FactorsRao, Deepa Prema
2016Investigation of Hydrocarbon Stapled Alpha-Helical Peptides as a Novel Method to Interrupt Protein-Target Interactions in BacteriaPau, Daniel
2016Amines in Olefin Metathesis: Ligands and PoisonsIreland, Benjamin
2016Climatic Niche Estimation, Trait Evolution and Species Richness in North American Carex (Cyperaceae)Pender, Jocelyn E.
2016Impact of Bubble Characteristics and Particle Properties on the Fluid Dynamics of an Ebullated Bed HydroprocessorParisien, Valois
2016Spatio-Temporal Theory of Optical Kerr Nonlinear InstabilityNesrallah, Michael J.