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2014A Role for the Planar Cell Polarity Pathway in Neuronal Positioning Along the AP Axis of C. elegans.Tanner, Raymond; Colavita, Antonio
2014Characterizing the Role of Gds1p in the Saccharomyces cerevisiae Environmental Stress ResponseCotrut, Mihai-Vlad; Baetz, Kristin
2014The Function and Regulation of PDCD4 - A Novel Inhibitor of Selective Translation InitiationLiwak-Muir, Urszula; Holcik, Martin
2014The Structural Characterization of Two Prokaryotic Membrane Proteins: CfrA and ELICCarswell, Casey; Baenziger, John
2014A Modeling Approach for Coefficient-Free Oscillometric Blood Pressure EstimationForouzanfar, Mohamad; Dajani, Hilmi; Groza, Voicu
2014IRF2BP2, a Novel Transcriptional Regulator of Innate Immunity, Cholesterol Metabolism and AtherosclerosisKeyhanian, Kianoosh; Chen, Hsiao-Huei; Stewart, Alexandre
2014Investigating Host-Viral Interactions in Liver Lipid Homeostasis and HCV PathologyDelcorde, Julie; Pezacki, John P.
2014Separation of Bitumen from Brines Using Synthetic MembranesDagher, Mario; Tremblay, Andre
2014Les effets du rôle accordé aux syndicats par le projet de loi 143 sur la mise en oeuvre et la réception du droit à un milieu de travail exempt de harcèlement psychologique ainsi que sur l'action syndicale au QuébecCox, Rachel; Lippel, Katherine
2014The Clinical Validity of Family History in Risk Classification of Colorectal CancerJonah, Leigh; Wilson, Brenda; Potter, Elizabeth
2014Practices for Protecting Privacy in Health Research: Perspectives of the Public, Privacy Guidance Documents and REBsLysyk, Mary C.; Graham, Ian
2014Ruthenium Catalysts for Olefin Metathesis: Understanding the Boomerang Mechanism and Challenges Associated with StereoselectivityBates, Jennifer M.; Fogg, Deryn
2014Translation of Modernity and Islam. The Case of IranSeyed Alavi, Seyed Mohammad; Basalamah, Salah
2014The Role of SIR4 in the Establishment of Heterochromatin in the Budding Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiaeParsons, Michelle L.; Rudner, Adam
2014Not-so-casual Sex: Definitions and Scripts for Modern Sexual RelationshipsWentland, Jocelyn J.; Reissing, Elke
2014Effects of Agrochemicals on Riparian and Aquatic Primary Producers in an Agricultural WatershedDalton, Rebecca L.; Boutin, Céline; Pick, Frances
2014A Künneth Theorem for Lagrangian Quantum HomologyCampling, Emily; Jessup, Barry; Zainoulline, Kirill
2014Ratio-Independent Arterial Stiffness-Based Blood Pressure EstimationBaktash, Seddigheh; Hilmi Dajani
2014Biofilm Treatments with Electric CurrentsHaddad, Peter Alexander; Mussivand, Tofy V.; Mah, Thien-Fah
20145-and 6-Membered Hydrazides as Potential Catalysts for Diels-Alder CycloadditionsBiggs, Robyn A.; Ogilvie, William