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201517-O NMR on Crystalline Hydrades Hydrates: Impact of Hydrogen BondingNour, Sherif
30-avr-2014A Künneth Theorem for Lagrangian Quantum HomologyCampling, Emily
2015A Reproductive Health Needs Assessment in Peri-Urban Yangon, MyanmarSheehy, Grace
2017Access to Tuberculosis Treatment for Migrant and Refugee Populations in Tak province, ThailandTschirhart, Naomi
2014Acute Myocardial Infarction across the Continuum of Care: Examining Care, Costs, Outcomes and EquityDeborah, Cohen
2015Adsorption Separation of CO2 from CO in Syngas: Improving the Conversion of the Reverse Water Gas Shift ReactionWilson, Sean M. W.
2016Amines in Olefin Metathesis: Ligands and PoisonsIreland, Benjamin
2015Arctic Shipping in Canada: Analysis of Sea Ice, Shipping, and Vessel Track ReconstructionPizzolato, Larissa Anna Vincenza
2014As Canadian as Possible: The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, 1936-1939Graham, Sean
2015Assessing the Contraception and Abortion Content of Nurse Practitioner and Midwifery Programs in Canada: A Survey of Program DirectorsSheinfeld, Lindsay
2016An Assessment of Women's Abortion Experiences in Istanbul, TurkeyMacFarlane, Katrina
2016Back to the Future: The Role of Possible Selves in Developing a Physical Activity Identity in Newly Retired IndividualsPerras, Mélanie G.M.
2016Barriers and Facilitators to Help-Seeking for Individuals with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): A Systematic ReviewSmith, Jennifer R.
2016Binaural Beamforming Robust to Errors in Direction of Arrival EstimatesKhayeri, Parinaz
2015Binaural Beamforming with Spatial Cues PreservationAs'ad, Hala
2016Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Zebrafish Fin RegenerationMcMillan, Stephanie
2016Characterization and Elucidation of Genomic Modifiers of DJ-1 and LRRK2 Animal Models of Parkinson’s DiseaseMarcogliese, Paul C.
2016Characterization of the Global and Locus-Specific Regulation of Gene Expression During Early Myogenic DifferentiationDixon, Katherine
2017Characterizing Cellular Responses During Oncolytic Maraba Virus InfectionHassanzadeh, Golnoush
2017Characterizing the Impact of Glucose Deprivation on the Lysine Acetyltransferase Complex NuA4Czosniak, David
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