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20145-and 6-Membered Hydrazides as Potential Catalysts for Diels-Alder CycloadditionsBiggs, Robyn A.; Ogilvie, William
2014Are They Really Different? The Entrepreneurial Processes from the Perspective of Different Generations of Immigrant EntrepreneursEl Chababi, Maria; Chreim, Samia; Freel, Mark
2014Assessing the Experiences of IUD Users Along the Thailand-Burma BorderGedeon, Jillian; Foster, Angel
2014Biofilm Treatments with Electric CurrentsHaddad, Peter Alexander; Mussivand, Tofy V.; Mah, Thien-Fah
2013The Business of Policy Innovation: The Transformation of the United Nations Development Programme’s Engagement with the Private Sector (1997-2008)Muhammad Razeq, Zarlasht; Haslam, Paul
2013Candidate Genes In the Gut and Pancreas of Diabetes-prone RatsNoel, Janet Ariana; Scott, Fraser W.
2014Cereal Induced Autoimmune Diabetes is Associated with Small Intestinal Inflammation, Downregulated Anti-Inflammatory Innate Immunity and Impaired Pancreatic HomeostasisPatrick, Christopher; Scott, Fraser
2014Characterizing the Role of Gds1p in the Saccharomyces cerevisiae Environmental Stress ResponseCotrut, Mihai-Vlad; Baetz, Kristin
2014The Clinical Validity of Family History in Risk Classification of Colorectal CancerJonah, Leigh; Wilson, Brenda; Potter, Elizabeth
2013Contributions to the Design of RF Power AmplifiersAcimovic, Igor; McNamara, Derek
2014Corrosion Protection of Friction Stir Welded Al 7075 Panel for use in Aerospace Applications using Cold Gas Dynamic SprayTrahan, Patrick; Jodoin, Bertrand
2011Deciphering the Role of MEF2D Splice Forms During Skeletal Muscle DifferentiationRakopoulos, Patricia; Dilworth, Jeff
2012Demographics and Posterior Knee Capsule Histologic and Genetic Characterization in Patients with Severe Knee Osteoarthritis: Comparing Those with Contracture to Those Without ContractureCampbell, Thomas Mark; Laneuville, Odette; Trudel, Guy
2013Deposition of Commercially Pure Titanium Powder Using Low Pressure Cold Spray and Pulsed Gas Dynamic Spray for Aerospace RepairsBolduc, Mathieu; Jodoin, Bertrand
2013Design and Development of Novel Performance Improvement Techniques for ZigBee Packet Transmission Under Wi-Fi InterferenceDu, Tianyu; Makrakis, Dimitrios; Mouftah, Hussein
2014Development and Validation of Quantitative PCR Assays for DNA-Based Newborn Screening of 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Severe Combined Immunodeficiency and Congenital Cytomegalovirus InfectionTheriault, Mylene A.; Chakraborty, Pranesh
2014Development of Inhibitors of Human PCSK9 as Potential Regulators of LDL-Receptor and CholesterolAlghamdi, Rasha Hassen; Basak, Ajoy; Lagace, Thomas
2013Development of Ti-6Al-4V Coating onto Ti-6Al-4V Substrate Using Low Pressure Cold Spray and Pulse Gas Dynamic SprayPelletier, Jean-Louis; Jodoin, Bertrand
2013A Differential Response to Newt Regeneration Extract by C2C12 and Primary Mammalian Muscle CellsKawesa, Sarah; Tsilfidis, Catherine
2013ECG Authentication for Mobile DeviceArteaga Falconi, Juan Sebastian; El Saddik, Abdulmotaleb