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201517-O NMR on Crystalline Hydrades Hydrates: Impact of Hydrogen BondingNour, Sherif
2015The Activity of Analogs of the Natural Product Dillapiol and Sessamol as Detoxification Enzyme Inhibitors and Insecticide SynergistsLiu, Su Qi
2014Acute Myocardial Infarction across the Continuum of Care: Examining Care, Costs, Outcomes and EquityDeborah, Cohen
2015Adsorption Separation of CO2 from CO in Syngas: Improving the Conversion of the Reverse Water Gas Shift ReactionWilson, Sean M. W.
2015Antagonism Between Trastuzumab and Oncolytic VSV is Overcome by Conjugation to a Microtubule DestabilizerGarcia, Vanessa
2015Arctic Shipping in Canada: Analysis of Sea Ice, Shipping, and Vessel Track ReconstructionPizzolato, Larissa Anna Vincenza
2014Are They Really Different? The Entrepreneurial Processes from the Perspective of Different Generations of Immigrant EntrepreneursEl Chababi, Maria
2014As Canadian as Possible: The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, 1936-1939Graham, Sean
2015Assessing the Contraception and Abortion Content of Nurse Practitioner and Midwifery Programs in Canada: A Survey of Program DirectorsSheinfeld, Lindsay
2014Assessing the Experiences of IUD Users Along the Thailand-Burma BorderGedeon, Jillian
2015The Availability, Accessibility, and Provision of Post-Abortion Support Services in OntarioLaRoche, Kathryn J.
2015Beat-to-Beat Estimation of Blood Pressure by Artificial Neural NetworkDastmalchi, Azadeh
2015Binaural Beamforming with Spatial Cues PreservationAs'ad, Hala
2014Biofilm Treatments with Electric CurrentsHaddad, Peter Alexander
2015Caspase 3 Cleavage of Pax7 Inhibits Self-Renewal of Satellite CellsDick, Sarah
2014Cereal Induced Autoimmune Diabetes is Associated with Small Intestinal Inflammation, Downregulated Anti-Inflammatory Innate Immunity and Impaired Pancreatic HomeostasisPatrick, Christopher
2014Characterizing the Role of Gds1p in the Saccharomyces cerevisiae Environmental Stress ResponseCotrut, Mihai-Vlad
2015Characterizing the Role of NuA4 in Glucose Deprivation Stress Granule Assembly and Acetyl-CoA Signaling in YeastRollins, Meaghen
2013Contributions to the Design of RF Power AmplifiersAcimovic, Igor
2014Corrosion Protection of Friction Stir Welded Al 7075 Panel for use in Aerospace Applications using Cold Gas Dynamic SprayTrahan, Patrick