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20141 concept, 2 pays, 3 systèmes juridiques différents! Les dommages-intérêts punitifs en responsabilité extracontractuelleDumais, Elisabeth
20103D Scene Reconstruction : camera locationSewdat , Allyshia
2011The Abwehr : From German espionage agency, to centre of resistance against HitlerElder, Greg
2011Accuracy of 3D Rb-PET Normals Database for Detecting Coronary Artery DiseaseKaster, Tyler
2012Acid-base educationGandhi, Aneri
2014Acid/BaseChemistry- Concept or Gateway?Stoyanovich, Carlee
2011Acoustic and Articulatory Dimensions in Sound PatternsDelaney, Chris
2-avr-2015ADHD symptomatology and emotional regulation amongst undergraduate studentsReyes, Rebecca
2012Adjusting for clustering of the Mantel-Haenszel risk ratioJadayel, Yehia
2012An African Resource Curse? The World Bank and Resource ExtractionThibodeau, Stephane
2011Africa’s Resource Curse: Canadian Mining Companies and Private Security Actors, who is the Authority?Langille-Rowe, Sasha
2-avr-2015After the Arab Spring: Why is it Summer Time in Tunisia and Winter Time in EgyptCouvrette, Alana
2012Age and gender effects on movement imagery in childrenYoxon, Emma
2012Alberta’s Future Leaders: Understanding Aboriginal Development through Sport and the ArtsPhillipps, Erin
2014Alice Munro's nobel prize: Helping popularize an unpopular genreMarch, Courtney
2010Altered gene expression in klf13 null heartsDagher, Marc
2011Analyse de la gestion des connaissances dans les événements sportifsGoulet, Gabriel
2010Analyse des indicateurs de performance en lien avec un modèle d’évaluation certificativeNjanteng Nounjio , Fabrice
2014An Analysis of Avian Caching Behavior in Urban AreasHuynh, Minh
2014Analysis of genomic diversity and potential recombination in the microsporidian honey bee parasite Nosema ceranaeRichards, Laura