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20103D Scene Reconstruction : camera locationSewdat , Allyshia
2011The Abwehr : From German espionage agency, to centre of resistance against HitlerElder, Greg
2011Acoustic and Articulatory Dimensions in Sound PatternsDelaney, Chris
2010Altered gene expression in klf13 null heartsDagher, Marc
2010Analyse des indicateurs de performance en lien avec un modèle d’évaluation certificativeNjanteng Nounjio , Fabrice
2010Appraising Animal Models of Autism: Toward a Meta AnalysisSang , Laura
2011The association between a single nucleotide polymorphism in the SOCS-3 gene and caloric intake is modified by body mass indexBoehm, Kaitlin
2011Attachment of Nitrifying Bacteria: Wastewater Treatment System ApplicationBallantyne Heilig, Zoe
2010Augmentation de l’appétit et prise de poids; le gène SOCS3 est-il impliqué?Décarie-Spain, Léa
2010Carbohydrates and Feeding: An Extension of the Glucostatic Theory of Appetite RegulationRoberts-MacDonald , Miesha
2010Characterization of Gαi protein interactions with RASA3, 5-HT1A and TNFAIP8Soo , Jeremy
2011Circadian Rhythm in Activity for Drosophila serrataToumishey , Ethan
2010Competition and the Allee effectIljon, Tzvia
2011Computer Modeling of CO2 Capture in the Nanoporous Material ZIF-8Provost, Bianca
2011Consentement des mineurs en matière de santé sexuelle et reproductive: Argentine vs ChiliRamirez, Susan
2011Cotextuality and Cosubjectivity in Cover Art Videos: Manipulations of Genre, Style, and Musical ExpressionHoward, Sarah
2010Decoding the Past:Latin Palaeography and the Manuscript TraditionJohn, Alison
2010Determinants of Letter Knowledge in French-speaking ChildrenBeenen, Véronique
2010Does cortisol regulate carbonic anhydrase during acid-base challenges in zebrafish (Danio rerio)?McDonald, Katherine
2011Donnez-vous votre langue au chat?Matte, Robin