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20103D Scene Reconstruction : camera locationSewdat , Allyshia; Laganiere, Robert
2011The Abwehr : From German espionage agency, to centre of resistance against HitlerElder, Greg; Vourkoutiotis, Vasilis
2011Acoustic and Articulatory Dimensions in Sound PatternsDelaney, Chris; Mielke, Jeff
2010Altered gene expression in klf13 null heartsDagher, Marc; Nemer, Mona
2010Analyse des indicateurs de performance en lien avec un modèle d’évaluation certificativeNjanteng Nounjio , Fabrice; Dionne, Eric
2010Appraising Animal Models of Autism: Toward a Meta AnalysisSang , Laura; Konkle, Anne
2011The association between a single nucleotide polymorphism in the SOCS-3 gene and caloric intake is modified by body mass indexBoehm, Kaitlin; Fontaine-Bisson, Bénédicte
2011Attachment of Nitrifying Bacteria: Wastewater Treatment System ApplicationBallantyne Heilig, Zoe; Delatolla, Robert
2010Augmentation de l’appétit et prise de poids; le gène SOCS3 est-il impliqué?Décarie-Spain, Léa; Fontaine-Bisson, Bénédicte
2010Carbohydrates and Feeding: An Extension of the Glucostatic Theory of Appetite RegulationRoberts-MacDonald , Miesha; Doucet, Eric
2010Characterization of Gαi protein interactions with RASA3, 5-HT1A and TNFAIP8Soo , Jeremy; Albert, Paul
2011Circadian Rhythm in Activity for Drosophila serrataToumishey , Ethan; Rundle, Howard
2010Competition and the Allee effectIljon, Tzvia; Lutscher, Frithjof
2011Computer Modeling of CO2 Capture in the Nanoporous Material ZIF-8Provost, Bianca; Woo, Tom
2011Consentement des mineurs en matière de santé sexuelle et reproductive: Argentine vs ChiliRamirez, Susan; Paré, Mona
2011Cotextuality and Cosubjectivity in Cover Art Videos: Manipulations of Genre, Style, and Musical ExpressionHoward, Sarah; Burns, Lori
2010Decoding the Past:Latin Palaeography and the Manuscript TraditionJohn, Alison; Burgess, Richard
2010Determinants of Letter Knowledge in French-speaking ChildrenBeenen, Véronique; Desrochers, Alain
2010Does cortisol regulate carbonic anhydrase during acid-base challenges in zebrafish (Danio rerio)?McDonald, Katherine; Gilmour, Kathleen
2011Donnez-vous votre langue au chat?Matte, Robin; Quirion, Jean