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2011Accuracy of 3D Rb-PET Normals Database for Detecting Coronary Artery DiseaseKaster, Tyler
2012Acid-base educationGandhi, Aneri
2012An African Resource Curse? The World Bank and Resource ExtractionThibodeau, Stephane
2011Africa’s Resource Curse: Canadian Mining Companies and Private Security Actors, who is the Authority?Langille-Rowe, Sasha
2012Age and gender effects on movement imagery in childrenYoxon, Emma
2012Alberta’s Future Leaders: Understanding Aboriginal Development through Sport and the ArtsPhillipps, Erin
2011Analyse de la gestion des connaissances dans les événements sportifsGoulet, Gabriel
2012The antenna dilemma: Canada’s transition to digital televisionRobinson, Michael
2012Assessing the environmental impact of construction material using Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)Zorn, Nicholas
2011Asymétrie des expressions faciales émotionnelles produites lors d'une tâche d'imagerie affectiveAsselin, David
2011Avian species richness can be predicted by NDVI in areas experiencing gradual habitat transformationsPaige, Brian
2012Bio-Mediated CaCO3 Production as a Method for Strength Improved SoilsWhitaker, Justin
2011Building Capacity for “Workforce Diversity” in Nursing PracticeLi, Ju
2011Canada wins over Russia in 1972 Summit Series: The series as portrayed in the mediaRadojewski, Christopher
2012The CANS-ASP and autism assessmentNaser, Mark
2012Caractéristiques des souris mutantes spontanéesPoliquin, Mellie
2012Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT) in Heart Failure Patients on Maximal and Sub-Maximal Doses of β-BlockersAbo-Shasha, Rami
2011Cdx 2 Homeodomain: A novel interaction with PP1 GammaMoore, Allyson
2012Characterization of Novel αINF1 AntibodiesSaidzada, Shabnam
2011Characterize the roles of insulators in the regulation of genes in A.thalianaFan, Shirley