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30-Apr-2015A Gender Analysis of International Organisations’ and NGOs’ Policies and Program Guidance With Respect to the Reintegration of Child SoldiersLloyd, Katie
24-Sep-2013Afghanistan, The First Five Years: The Source of Future InsecurityLarkin, Dave
29-Aug-2014Agricultural Production and Labour in the Women’s Prison Farm of El SalvadorHidalgo, Jaime
5-Dec-2013Americanization as Global Politics: The United States Government’s use of Disney as a Cultural Ambassador in Latin America During World War TwoPlitong, Ashley
2013Americanization as Global Politics: The United States Government's use of Disney as a Cultural Ambassador in Latin America During World War TwoPlitong , Ashley
Dec-2015Analyse comparative de la vulnérabilité sociale aux changements climatiques : exemples de Chéticamp et des communes d’Huong Phong et d’Hai DuongPoirier, Marie-Pierre
Aug-2015An Analysis of the Achievement of the Water and Sanitation Target of the Millennium Development Goals in Sub-Saharan AfricaMonfils, Céline
Aug-2015An Analysis of the Efficacy of Sport-for-Development Programs in Developing CountriesJoshi, Shruti
Aug-2015Arab Spring and Social Media: the Social, Economic and Governance Issues Driving Revolutions: The Case of TunisiaOuedraogo, Adolphe
25-Aug-2010Article 50 million: an estimate of the number of scholarly articles in existenceJinha, Arif E.
2012Assessing the Productive Safety Net Programme (PSNP) in EthiopiaDicks, Heather
Dec-2014Climate Change Adaptation in Vietnamese Fisheries; A Look at Adaptive Capacity Using the National Adaptive Capacity FrameworkLabrèche, Rose
Aug-2015Défis d'intégration sociales post-conflit des enfants nés des viols en temps de guerre. Le cas de la Bosnie-Herzegovine (BiH)Nyirasafari, Ange
8-May-2012Discrimination raciale au sein des femmes immigrantes sur le marché du travail : le cas des minorités visibles et des minorités non-visibles de MontréalImboua, Ginette
2008Disparités régionales en chine: Examen des trois formes d’inégalités et analyse des facteurs d’influence socioéconomiqueBergeron, Sabrina
Aug-2015Du double usage du mécanisme REDD+ : Lutte contre le changement climatique et la pauvreté ruraleDikaya, Maurice
8-Jan-2014Exploring Perceptions of Family-Class Immigration to CanadaLaferrière , Isabelle
29-Aug-2014Family Reunification and the Transnational FamilyClancy, Kathlin
7-May-2014How Men Are Transforming Masculinities and Engaging Men and Boys to End Violence against Women and Girls in Zimbabwe: A Case StudyMinnings, Amber
2012Implementation Mechanisms of International Environmental Instruments Into Domestic Law: A comparative analysis of the implementation of international agreements in the legal systems of the European Union (EU) and Canada with a particular focus on climate changeScarpa de Masellis, Luigi