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20141 concept, 2 pays, 3 systèmes juridiques différents! Les dommages-intérêts punitifs en responsabilité extracontractuelleDumais, Elisabeth
201210 things to know about healthy relationshipsNAHO
201110 things to know about HIV and AIDSNAHO
201210 things to know about sexual assaultNAHO
201210 things to know about sexual assaultNAHO
201110 things to know about sexualityNAHO
201110 things to know about sexually transmitted infectionsNAHO
201212 years of inspiring better healthNAHO
1989The 1928 Cobourg libel trial of Sir Arthur Currie and the Port Hope Evening Guide the rehabilitation of the reputation of a corps commander.Demill, Robert Scott.
1988The 1986 United Nations Convention on conditions for registration of ships.Jaen-Guardia, Paul.
20082-D, 3-D and 4-D anisotropic mesh adaptation for the time-continuous space-time finite element method with applications to the incompressible Navier-Stokes equationsTremblay, Pascal
1988A 20 GHz FET amplifier using a combination of finline and microstrip.Ruxton, James.
20102001 Immigrant Home Ownership Patterns in Canada’s Census Metropolitan Areas: A Comparison with Non-ImmigrantsWei, Qing hong
20132D Effects of Anisotropy on the Ductile Fracture of TitaniumAzhar, Mishaal
2012A 3-D Numerical Study of Flow, Coherent Structures and Mechanisms Leading to Scour in a High Curvature 135° Channel Bend with and Without Submerged GroynesKashyap, Shalini
19933-Dimensional pyramids for video compression.Gandhi, Rakeshkumar Hasmukhlal.
1966"30 Arpents": Aspects sociologiquesSavoie, Anne Marie
194730 jours en mer, 300 jours sur terre, 30 heures dans l'air: Relation d'un voyage au Basutoland et au Nyasaland 9 janvier--22 decembre 1946Saint-André-Corsini, soeur
2015A 3D Framework for the Musculoskeletal Segmentation of Magnetic Resonance ImagesMoghadas Tabatabaei Zavareh, Seyed Mehdi
20103D Scene Reconstruction : camera locationSewdat , Allyshia