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1989The 1928 Cobourg libel trial of Sir Arthur Currie and the Port Hope Evening Guide the rehabilitation of the reputation of a corps commander.Demill, Robert Scott.
1988The 1986 United Nations Convention on conditions for registration of ships.Jaen-Guardia, Paul.
20082-D, 3-D and 4-D anisotropic mesh adaptation for the time-continuous space-time finite element method with applications to the incompressible Navier-Stokes equationsTremblay, Pascal
1988A 20 GHz FET amplifier using a combination of finline and microstrip.Ruxton, James.
19933-Dimensional pyramids for video compression.Gandhi, Rakeshkumar Hasmukhlal.
1966"30 Arpents": Aspects sociologiquesSavoie, Anne Marie
194730 jours en mer, 300 jours sur terre, 30 heures dans l'air: Relation d'un voyage au Basutoland et au Nyasaland 9 janvier--22 decembre 1946Saint-André-Corsini, soeur
200640 ans sur la route: L'évolution de la représentation de la femme dans le roman de la route au Québec de 1964 à 2004Legault, Céline
20065-HT1A autoreceptor regulation and functional polymorphisms that modify the serotonin system and their association with depression and schizophreniaBurns, Ariel
19787-(Phenylsulfonyl)-bicyclo[4.2.0]octa-1,3,5-triene as a synthetic intermediate.Gowland, Barbara D.
2005The 8-channel dynamic channel equalizer and its adaptation as a "smart amplifier solution"Qela, Blerim
1983An 8086-based packet-voice simulator for local area networks.Mui, Philip.
1970A survey on the orthogonal expansion of threshold functions.Mar, Yung-Leung Henry.
1977A. C. losses in Type II superconductors and related phenomena.Gauthier, Raymond.
1999A. Giddens et U. Beck : contribution de deux apôtres de la contingence à une sociologie du système pénal.Cauchie, Jean-François.
1930A.M.D.G.: The liturgical element in English drama.St. Andrew, Mary (Adams, Gertrude Teresa).
2010AAPPeC: Agent-based Architecture for Privacy Payoff in eCommerceYassine, Abdulsalam
1985AB initio calculations of the properties of indium antimonide and indium arsenide.Singh, David.
1988AB(2)C(4) semiconducting compounds crystal growth, intrinsic defects and optical properties.Golea, Mostefa.
2007Ab-initio DFT modeling of the oxidation of methane on transition metal catalystsPsofogiannakis, George