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Ceci est la collection de documents de travail de l'école Telfer. Certaines entrées ne contiennent que des métadonnées. Le texte intégral est ajouté quand disponible.

This is a collection of working papers from the Telfer School. Some entries contain metadata only.The full-text version is added when available.


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Sep-2013Towards a Framework for Social Media Applications in Consumer HealthSajjad, Jawad; Ruhi, Umar
15-Jun-2015Towards a Socio-Technical Theoretical Framework for Enterprise Gamification: A Research-in-Progress PaperRuhi, Umar
2-Jul-2015Towards Authentic Transformational Leadership of Emergency Management SystemsCaro, Denis H.J.
27-Apr-2015Code Red: Towards Transformational Leadership of Emergency Management SystemsCaro, Denis H.J.
20-Apr-2015The q-factor Model and the Redundancy of the Value Factor: An Application to Hedge FundsRacicot, François-Éric; Théoret, Raymond
27-Mar-2015Implementing Robust Estimation Instruments for Panel Data Regression Models with Errors-in-VariablesRacicot, François-Éric
26-Mar-2015Code Orange: Towards the Future of Strategic Leadership of Emergency Management SystemsCaro, Denis H.J.
27-Jan-2015eParticipation in Saudi Arabia: A User-centric ModelAlrashedi, Raja; Persaud, Ajax
24-Nov-2014Monitoring Function of the Board and Audit Fees: Contingent upon Ownership ConcentrationBozec, Richard; Dia, Mohamed
24-Nov-2014Strategic HR Alliances among INGOs Engaged in Sustainable Development ProjectsO'Sullivan, Sharon L.
17-Oct-2014The Pástor-Stambaugh Empirical Model Revisited: Evidence from Robust InstrumentsRacicot, François-Éric; Rentz, William F.
22-Sep-2014Macroeconomic Shocks, Forward-Looking Dynamics, and the Behaviour of Hedge FundsRacicot, François-Éric; Théoret, Raymond
20-Aug-2014Monitoring Role of the Board and Ownership Concentration: From Interests Misalignment to ExpropriationBozec, Richard; Dia, Mohamed
Jun-2014Engineering Robust Instruments for GMM Estimation of Panel Data Regression Models with Errors in Variables: A NoteRacicot, François-Éric
2014Perceptions of Characteristics of Potential Adopters of Online Shopping in Saudi ArabiaAhmed, Sadrudin A.; Shawli, Nidaa
2014Improved Generalized Method of Moments (GMMd), Liquidity Risk, and the Pastor-Stambaugh Extension of the Fama-French ModelRacicot, François-Éric; Rentz, William F.
2014Mentoring a Diverse Workforce. Knowledge Synthesis Grant Final Report.Leck, Joanne D.; Elliott, Catherine; Bourgeois, Elliott; Kemp, Kathleen
2013Procyclicality and Diversification in the Hedge Fund IndustryRacicot, François-Éric; Théoret, Raymond
2013The Emotional Edge of Financial Predators - A Four Group Longitudinal StudyMesly, Olivier; Lévy Mangin, Jean-Pierre; Racicot, François-Éric
2013The High Moments of Hedge Fund ReturnsChkir, Imed; Saadi, Samir; Zhong, Ligang