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2002ABC-RCP activity based costing revenue/cost/profit variance analysis extending the p'RUm modelLay, Colin M; Eden, Ronald
1996Academic issues in Canada arising from NAFTAClaveau, Guy
1986Accounting earnings announcements and differential predisclosure information: an empirical examinationAnderson, M. Teresa
1973Accounting information and common stock perceptionBelkaoui, Ahmed; Cousineau, Alain
2000Acquiring relevant knowledge for foreign market entry: the role of overseas trade missionsSpence, Martine
1982Action research versus third party evaluations: artists and technocrats of organization developmentJabes, Jak
2002Activity based costing in the high technology industry in CanadaEden, Ronald; Maingot, Michael
1992Adapting a commercial linear programming spreadsheet interface to user requirementsThizy, J. M
1997Administration as transductionDe la Mothe, John; Paquet, Gilles
1987The administrative system in a bureaucratic polity: the case of PakistanIslam, Nasir
2000Advertising competition and product differentiationBanerjee, Bibek; Bandyopadhyay, Subir
2005Affine bond pricing modelGuo, Chen
2005Aftermath of September 11th: impact of security regulations on global supply chainAggan, Wael; Ferrand, Dominique J.
1996Agonistic ethics and the burden of officePaquet, Gilles
1982Agricultural productivity and equity in low-income countries: a review of evidence, 1960-1979Mehmet, Ozay
1993The agricultural reform in China (1978-1992): assessment and prognosesHou, Wei Qi; Hoyt, Ronald E
1980An algorithm for analyzing a mixed effects model under staggered nested designsBinder, D.A
1974An algorithm for maximizing the reliability of an accounting internal control systemBelkaoui, Ahmed
1992Algorithms and complexity results for broadcasting problems with general transmission timesHall, Nicholas G; Liu, Wei-Ping
1988Allais' model vs expected utility model: some preliminary empirical resultsLefoll, Jean; Guiot, Jean M