Real-Time Localization of Planar Targets on Power-Constrained Devices

Title: Real-Time Localization of Planar Targets on Power-Constrained Devices
Authors: Akhoury, Sharat Saurabh
Date: 2013
Abstract: In this thesis we present a method for detecting planar targets in real-time on power-constrained, or low-powered, hand-held devices such as mobile phones. We adopt the feature recognition (also referred to as feature matching) approach and employ fast-to-compute local feature descriptors to establish point correspondences. To obtain a satisfactory localization accuracy, most local feature descriptors seek a transformation of the input intensity patch that is invariant to various geometric and photometric deformations. Generally, such transformations are computationally intensive, hence are not ideal for real-time applications on limited hardware platforms. On the other hand, descriptors which are fast to compute are typically limited in their ability to provide invariance to a vast range of deformations. To address these shortcomings, we have developed a learning-based approach which can be applied to any local feature descriptor to increase the system’s robustness to both affine and perspective deformations. The motivation behind applying a learning-based approach is to transfer as much of the computational burden (as possible) onto an offline training phase, allowing a reduction in cost during online matching. The approach comprises of identifying keypoints which remain stable under artificially induced perspective transformations, extracting the corresponding feature vectors, and finally aggregating the feature vectors of coincident keypoints to obtain the final descriptors. We strictly focus on objects which are planar, thus allowing us to synthesize images of the object in order to capture the appearance of keypoint patches under several perspectives.
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