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17-Sep-2014Immigration Reform in the United States:IRCA Revived: Contextualizing the Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Modernization Act (S. 744)Popat, Naila; Lenard, Patti Tamara
17-Sep-2014The Role of Oil in South SudanKebede , Solomon; Abrahamsen, Rita
17-Sep-2014Nuclear Deterrence, Rivalry, and Conflict Escalation in South AsiaBiber, Eric; Jones, Peter
17-Sep-2014Le pétrole canadien face à l'incertitude américaine : Possibilités stratégiquesBédard-Châteauneuf, Charles-Etienne; Leblond, Patrick
17-Sep-2014Unmanned Aerial Systems: Future Military and Commercial Outgrowth in the Canadian ContextHrycak, Jacob; Lagassé, Philippe
17-Sep-2014La contrebande de médicaments contrefaits commercialisés sur internet: Réflexions sociopolitiques pour améliorer la lutte contre ce crime transnationalThériault, Claudia; Fafard, Patrick
17-Sep-2014Operational-Level Grievance Mechanisms: A New Approach to Human Rights for Mining CorporationsDesjardins-Charbonneau, Anaïs; Petrasek, David
17-Sep-2014Is the Price Right? Assessing the Value of Unpaid Internships and Experiential LearningPinkham, Laura; Liston-Heyes, Catherine
17-Sep-2014Redefining Refugees in Canada: Comparing Policy Frames for Refugee Health Care Policy in Canada and the United StatesRivera Perez, Vilma Veronica; Fafard, Patrick
17-Sep-2014What are the current educational challenges that prevent the increase of early grade literacy achievement for Guatemalan students from 3 to 8 years old?Pulido Vargas, Wilmer Felipe; Notten, Geranda