Narrative in Political Argument: The Next Chapter in Deliberative Democracy

Narrative in Political Argument: The Next Chapter in Deliberative Democracy

Show simple item record Hawkins, Stephen Bernard 2011-09-13T17:24:08Z 2011-09-13T17:24:08Z 2011 en_US 2011-09-13
dc.description.abstract Deliberative democrats have argued that democracy requires citizens to seek consensus, using a familiar style of principle-based moral argument. However, critics like Iris Young object that deliberative democracy’s favoured model of reasoning is inadequate for resolving deep value conflicts. She and others have suggested that the aim of improving understanding across political differences could be achieved if our conception of legitimate democratic discourse were broadened to include a significant role for narrative. The question is whether such a revision would amount to abandoning the deliberative democratic goal of seeking reasonable resolutions of value conflict. This thesis argues that a narrative approach to deliberative democracy can realize its commitment to reasoned justification, while preserving the significance of differing perspectives and promoting mutual understanding. The narrative-contextualist approach is developed and illustrated with reference to public debate over issues such as cultural accommodation and historical justice. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.subject deliberative democracy en_US
dc.subject narrative en_US
dc.subject contextualism en_US
dc.subject rhetoric en_US
dc.subject political philosophy en_US
dc.subject Bouchard-Taylor en_US
dc.subject historical justice en_US
dc.subject tradition en_US
dc.subject cultural accommodation en_US
dc.subject constitutionalism en_US
dc.title Narrative in Political Argument: The Next Chapter in Deliberative Democracy en_US
dc.type Thèse / Thesis en_US
dc.faculty.department Philosophie / Philosophy en_US
dc.contributor.supervisor Aronovitch, Hilliard
dc.embargo.terms immediate en_US PhD en_US doctorate en_US arts en_US

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