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2011Accès et équité dans les systèmes de soins de santé en AfriqueYaya, Sanni; Ileka-Priouzeau, Samuel
18-Apr-2013Acculturation and nutritional health of immigrants in Canada: a scoping reviewSanou, Dia; O'Reilly, Erin; Ngnie-Teta, Ismael; Batal, Malek; Mondain, Nathalie; Andrew, Caroline; Newbold, Bruce K; Bourgeault, Ivy L
2006Adoption and sustainability of decision support for patients facing health decisions: an implementation case study in nursingStacey, Dawn; Pomey, Marie-Pascale; O'Connor, Annette M.; Graham, Ian D.
2008Advancing theories, models and measurement for an interprofessional approach to shared decision making in primary care: A study protocolLégaré, France; Stacey, Dawn; Graham, Ian D.; Elwyn, Glen; Pluye, Pierre; Gagnon, Marie-Pierre; Frosch, Dominick; Harrison, Margaret B.; Kryworuchko, Jennifer; Pouliot, Sophie; Desroches, Sophie
25-Jun-2013Age and hemispheric differences in transcallosal inhibition between motor cortices: an ispsilateral silent period studyDavidson, Travis; Tremblay, François
11-Apr-2015Analyzing the Neuroprotective Potential of Nicotine in Parkinson’s Disease (PD) and its Effect on Dopamine Levels in Rodents and PrimatesColbourne, Jessica; Lock, Daniella; Buffone, Lucas; Sivaloganathan, Vithurry
2012An Approach to Comparing Nations for Inclusion of Studies in Health-based Systematic Literature ReviewsDeonandan, Raywat; Schachter, Howard; Ly, Mylan; Lacroix, Denise; Moore, Ceri; Barrowman, Nicholas; Abdulkadir, Idil; Girardi, Alberta
2012The Arab Uprising: Indicators of Female Health, Development and EmpowermentDeonandan, Raywat; Stanley, Charmaine; El-Hindi, Tania
2009Assessing the quality of decision support technologies using the International Patient Decision Aid Standards instrument (IPDASi)Elwyn, Glyn; O'Connor, Annette M.; Bennett, Carol; Newcombe, Robert G.; Politi, Mary; Durand, Marie-Anne; Drake, Elizabeth; Joseph-Williams, Natalie; Khangura, Sara; Saarimaki, Anton; Sivell, Stephanie; Stiel, Mareike; Bernstein, Steven J.; Col, Nananda; Coulter, Angela; Eden, Karen; Härter, Martin; Holmes Rovner, Margaret; Moumjid, Nora; Stacey, Dawn; Thomson, Richard; Whelan, Tim; van der Weijden, Trudy; Edwards, Adrian
2014Assisted Reproduction and Cross-Border Maternal Surrogacy Regulations in Selected NationsDeonandan, Raywat; Bente, Andreea
11-Apr-2015The association between Epstein-Barr virus contributing to diagnosis of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in young adultsMahava, Ferzin; Lavigne, Melissa
2013Associations of Sedentary Behavior, Sedentary Bouts and Breaks in Sedentary Time with Cardiometabolic Risk in Children with a Family History of ObesitySaunders, Travis; Tremblay, Mark; Mathieu, Marie-Eve; Henderson, Melanie; O'Loughlin, Jennifer; Tremblay, Angelo; Chaput, Jean-Philippe
2005Asymmetrical hybridities: Youths at francophone games in CanadaDallaire, Christine; Denis, Claude
2010Atelier : Faciliter la formation clinique interprofessionnelle en milieu ruralCragg, Betty; Jelley, Wilma; Johnstone, Brigitte; Hirsh, Michael; Barnes, Peter; Anderson, Judith; Sidorchuk, Joanne; Formation clinique interprofessionnelle en milieu rural (FIMR)
2013Attentional Demand Varies During a Blind Navigation Pathway In Young And Older AdultsLajoie, Yves; Paquet, Nicole; Lafleur, Renée
2012« Avoir le moral » après l'annonce d'un cancer : une étude auprès de personnes atteintes d'une tumeur cérébrale de haut gradeMarcoux, Isabelle
May-2013Bed occupancy measurements using under mattress pressure sensors for long term monitoring of community-dwelling older adultsTaylor, Matthew; Grant, Theresa; Knoefel, Frank; Goubran, Rafik
2012Breast Cancer - The Hidden EpidemicDeonandan, Raywat; Ginsburg, Ophira
2014Building health research infrastructure in RwandaBinagwaho, A; Condo, J; Ndahindwa, V; Kakindi, I; Ribakare, M; Kizito, K; Remera, E; Niyonzima, S; Mukabutera, A; Ngabo, B; Kamwesiga, J; Elysee, T; Ntirenganya, J; Regis, H; Dieudonne, S; Kubwimana, M; Wilson, C; Boerstra, L; Habiyaremye, F; Monique, M; Umulisa, I; Nsanzimana, S; Ribakare, R; Nzabahimana, I; Rugigana, E; Harerimana, J; Birindabagabo, P; Joseph, S; Munyaburanga, C; Kiregu, J; Kinani, P; Deonandan, R; Nachega, J; Kanters, S; Mutabazi, V; Nsigaye, M; Seruyange, E; Kakoma, J; Mills, E
2009Campus newspaper coverage of varsity sports: Getting closer to equitable and sports-related representations of female athletesMacKay, Steph; Dallaire, Christine