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2008After innovation: protecting intellectual property during production – Canica Design IncEnsign, Prescott C.; Lanney, Andrew
2005The Axis and Nexus of e-Health Alliances in 2020Caro, Denis H. J.
2009Competing explanations for knowledge exchange: Technology sharing within the globally dispersed R&D of the multinational enterpriseEnsign, Prescott C.; Hébert, Louis
2001The concept of fit in organizational researchEnsign, Prescott C.
2001Cross-border acquisitions in response to bilateral/regional trade liberalizationEnsign, Prescott C.
2009Effective Stakeholder Knowledge Sharing for Effective Organizational MemoryEnsign, Prescott C.; Robinson, Nicholas P.
2009Entrepreneurial search: Growing from a monopoly situation - Case study of Med-Eng Systems Inc.Ensign, Prescott C.; Robinson, Nicholas P.
2007Evolving e-health system symbiosis: Theoretical constructs in international realpolitik spaceCaro, Denis H. J.
2010Evolving international management systems: transgenic polities and transparency challenges in realpolitik space in 2050Caro, Denis H. J.
2005An Examination Of Us FDI Into Mexico And Its Relation To Nafta: Understanding the Effects of Environmental Regulation and the Factor Endowments that Affect the Location DecisionCole, Elizabeth T.; Ensign, Prescott C.
2009How Much is Too Much? How Businesses can Avoid Violating Privacy Laws by Understanding Privacy PrinciplesEnsign, Prescott C.; Robinson, Nicholas P.
2003The Impact of North American Free Trade Agreement on Women in the United States, Canada, and MexicoEnsign, Prescott C.
2000Innovation in the multinational firm with globally dispersed r&d: Technological knowledge utilization and accumulationEnsign, Prescott C.
2006International channels of distribution: A classification system for analyzing research studiesEnsign, Prescott C.
1998Interrelationships and horizontal strategy to achieve synergy and competitive advantage in the diversified firmEnsign, Prescott C.
2010Labour migration – What goes around comes aroundReed, Maureen G.; Giles, Audrey; Ensign, Prescott C.
2008Marketing Your City’s Industries to the World: Building and Retaining Export Oriented Clusters through Strategic ICT InvestmentsEnsign, Prescott C.; Robinson, Nicholas P.
1999A means-end analysis of mother's infant feeding choicesGengler, Charles E.; Mulvey, Michael S.; Oglethorpe, Janet E.
29-Aug-2015Medical Leadership of Emergency Management Systems in Canada: Key Attributes and CompetenciesCaro, Denis HJ
12-Nov-2015The Nexus of Transformational Leadership of Emergency Services Systems: Extending the Wu-Shi-Ren (WSR)-Li ParadigmsCaro, Denis