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2015A Theology of Social Engagement for Evangelicals: The Reign of God and Social TransformationEmanuel, Frank
2015Biometrics for Personal Identification: Recapturing Ethics and Values in the Public Policy-Making Process - A Rawlsian Philosophical AnalysisRobert, Whitelaw
2015Le rôle des parents dans l'éducation de la foi des enfants. Le cas des écoles catholiques des GonaïvesGeffrard, Élie Pierre
2014Les mariages Islamo-Chrétiens au Liban : une étude empirique et théoriqueTannous, Marie-Rose
2014Images of God, Resilience and the Imaginary: A Study among Vietnamese Immigrants Who Have Experienced LossNguyen, Thanh Tu
2014With All Due Respect, Sir: Canadian Forces’ Chaplains: Defining Competencies for Providing Ethical Advice to the Chain of CommandParker, Neil
2014The Role of the Constitutions of a Religious Institute of Diocesan Right to Define its Relationship With the Bishop: A Particular Reference to the Institute of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Nigeria)Giegbefumwen, Stella E.
2014Reading Islam in Hospitable TermsLaurence-Pressault, Stephane
2013The Data Fishbowl: An Ethical and Philosophical Analysis of Information Privacy in an Integrated Digital WorldEkholm, John W.
2014Radical Forgiveness: The Dynamics of Forgiveness after Culpable Wrongdoing of Intolerable HarmBender, Alexandra
2014The Collaboration between the Parochus and the Parish Finance Council in the Protection of Parish Property: Practical Reflections on the Relation between Canons 532 and 537 of the 1983 Code of Canon LawRasaian, Lawrence
2014Reclaiming the Heart of Adult Catechesis: A Case Study in Search of Processes that Empower Mature Christian DisciplesKuzmochka, Carol
2014Why Bother? A Socio-Theological Inquiry into Dimensions of Compassion in the Boomer Culture of OttawaMarsden-Dole, Patricia M.
2014Bisexual Women in the Christian Faith: Composing with a Complex IdentityCharron, Natalie A.
2013Does Thomas Scanlon’s Theory of Blame Resolve the Problem Presented by Moral Luck?Madigan, Courtney
2013Parent-Founded Schools for the Catholic Education of Children: Considerations for Canonical Recognition in the North American ContextCreurer, Philip A.
2012The Collaborative Role of the Presbyteral Council in the Governance of a DioceseOkosun, John E.
2013Les relations canoniques des évêques diocésains et des instituts religieux de droit diocésain : la juste autonomie (cc. 578 et 586) avec une application particulière à l’Église au BéninAcotchou, Gisele
2013A Sociorhetorical Analysis of Clark H. Pinnock's Hermeneutical Approach to Biblical Materials, with Particular Attention to the Role of Religious ExperienceRobinson, Peter S.
2013L'école catholique de langue française de l'Ontario. L'articulation de son apport à la société ontarienne dans le discours public.Lessard, Rémi Pierre